COLOR ME RAD 5K I have recently found a passion for running and I had the opportunity to participate in the Color Me Rad 5K Run. This run is not times and really has no rules, but what is FUN about it is they literally color you. As you run volunteers throw color cornstarch at you which in turn colors you as you go. They had 5 different color stations which ended with a Color Party at the end of the race that featured many Color Bombs...which was basically people throwing color up in the air to create a colorful fun atmosphere. I went with my niece and her boyfriend and a couple of friends and we had a colorful BLAST! This even takes part all over the world and many different types of this race take place. Their is the one I did which was the "Color Me Rad" and their is one called the "Color Run" and one called the "Color Mob 5K". They all basically have the same concept, so if you have one come to town take part it in! Everyone deserves a little color in their life!!

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