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I know it has been a while since I have posted a review or video, but this one was worth the wait. I bought a new product called Ken Oliver Color Burst and this product is simply amazing!

So I have had the product for about a week and have been testing it on all sorts of mediums and I have crafted 6 different techniques in one video so you can have fun with color burst as well. 
Lets take a look at my video and this amazing product and how you can use it in your craft room:

As you can see these are just so much fun. Currently the color burst come in 6 different colors: 

Now these can be used many many many different ways!! That is what I love about them. Now I showed you in my video just 6 different ways to use the  Ken Oliver Color Burst in your craft room. Now a couple of tips. Make sure you have a Craft Sheet, as these can get messy. You will also want a Water Mister to spray you water onto the Color Burst. I would purchase a ton of different sizes of Watercolor Paper. Have a ton of paper towels, baby wipes or towel at your disposal. Lets take a closer look at those:


This is probably the most common one you will see. This is done by simply using any form of Watercolor Paper and sprinkle a SMALL amount of the Color Burst and simply spraying it with some water. You can either let this air dry or use a paint brush or Heat Gun.


This is another popular way to use Color Burst that you will see online. All you will do is take some Water Mister and fill them up with water. Drop about 5-6 drops of the Color Burst into the Water Mister and shake about 30 seconds. Spray your Water Mister onto Watercolor Paper and let air dry. The closer you spray will produce more dramatic results (see bottom of photo above). The farther you spray will produce more subtile results (see top of photo)

Using the airbrush technique you can also take your favorite stencil. Lay the stencil over the Watercolor Paper and using your Water Mister filled with Color Burst spray evenly on the stencil. Once you are done take another piece of Watercolor Paper and pick up the color burst left on the top of the stencil. This will give you a "negative look" to the un-used Color Burst.


This is a fun way to produce DRAMATIC colors that are intense and still have a nice pattern of white showing through. For this I cut out patterns from the Cricut Edge To Edge Cartridge using my Cricut Explore Air on Vinyl. I adhered the  Vinyl to my Watercolor Paper and then sprinkled Color Burst over the paper. I spread around the color burst BEFORE wetting it. Then using plain water from my Water Mister I sprayed the project. This one is time consuming since now you will have to use your Heat Gun to dry ALL of the water off. try not to have any water run off since the more Color Burst water will produce more DRAMATIC look. Once dried remove the Vinyl trying not to rip the paper.


Here is another fun way to use your other craft tools to produce beautiful results. In this technique you will use your favorite Stamp Set. Stamp you image inEmbossing Stamp Pad and spring a generous amount of Clear Embossing Powered onto your stamp. Clear of excess amounts and using your Heat Gun set the Clear Embossing Powered. Once dried sprinkle Color Burst onto your project and activate with your Water Mister. Make sure to take a sponge brush and dab on the inside of your stamps. 


Another fun way to use your Color Burst is to paint with them. Take some water in a container and drop 5-6 Color Burst into the water. Mix until dissolved. Stamp your favorite Stamp Set using Water Resistant Ink. Now simple dip your paint brush into the Color Burst water and paint inside your stamps. the colors naturally mix to produce beautiful colors. Let Air Dry. Above the picture to the left is still wet and the dried look can be seen on the right. 


By far my favorite method is using stencils and Texture Paste and Color Burst. Make sure your hands and area are clean of color burst as a SMALL amount will color the Texture Paste On this one you will take some Texture Paste and drop a small amount of Color Burst into your  Texture Paste. Mix in with a knife. Place a stencil over your Watercolor Paper and then using your spatula or knife apply the different colors of Color Burst Texture Paste onto the stencil. Once covered remove the stencil and let air dry. Cut down the excess paper and Texture Paste. You can either mix your colors separate the colors in rows using different Color Burst Texture Paste

Well I hope you enjoyed my review of the new Ken Oliver Color Burst! These are currently retailing for an average of $4.99, so the entire set of 6 colors is about $30. This is an amazing deal for the amount you will get since a little bit of the Color Burst will go a long way. Check below for all the items used in all of the 6 different techniques and thanks for stopping by. Have an amazing crafty day!!

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