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I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and Santa was good to everyone. I wanted to share something Santa brought to me with everyone. Now, I am not a big gamer and it takes a top notch game for me to recommend it to kids however, I have found this new game universe, to be a MUST for any family. I want to share why Lego Dimensions should be your next family game night!

Let me first start off by saying, I am a HUGE fan of all the Lego Video Games! In the past 5 years I have collected the following Lego Video Games:

I am obsessed with the Lego Video Games for many reasons. The games are all built on the same formula. You lead your plastic character around a vibrant world of color filled with puzzles, mini kits,  coins, characters and humor! They are all built around a specific movie franchise and each of the video games will follow the movie plot through out the video game. When Lego Dimensions was announced and explained, I did not initially get the premise or idea and was not interested. The idea of taking all of the different tLego game universes and "smashing" them together... for someone who likes things nice and organized... NO THANK YOU!  It did not fit the typical formula of the traditional Lego Video Games, so I wanted nothing to do with it. How could Lego mess with the perfect formula that has made them a success? If it's not broke, why fix it? I did not want this game for Christmas, but Santa must have known better because under the tree on Christmas morning was Lego Dimensions ready for me to play. 

Due to the popular success of other gaming platforms like Disney InfinitySkylanders and Nintendo Amiibo, Lego was ready to release Lego Dimensions. What exactly was it? 

Lego Dimensions is a action adventure video game for the Xbox OneNintendo WiiXbox 360Playstation 4, and Playstation 3. It follows the toys-to-life format, in that the player has lego figures and a portal which can be played withe the game itself. The game features characters and environments from 14 different franchises including: 

This, so far, has been the best element of the game to me! I love the fact that the game mixes all of the different characters and worlds from all of these different properties! The game never gets old, stale or boring since you can play different characters and dimensions. Since the game is a toys-to-life format, Lego can easily add additional licensed properties and characters at any time! 

The game itself is very fun and interesting. You start off by building your three mini figures and playing the game by placing each one characters on the portal. The game will then instruct you through a series of stories of how they all got sucked into the portal and you then will actually build the portal and the bat mobile in the game itself. Once you have completed this part of the game, you will start playing the game and entering the different dimensions, starting off with the Wizard of Oz. 
I was able to learn very quickly so, if you want to get the full experience of the game, you will need to add additional products to you game to "unlock" parts of the game. Just like any Lego Video Games, certain areas and puzzles can only be solved or accessed by certain characters or abilities. That is where Level PacksTeam Packs and Fun Packs come into play. What are these, you ask? What do they do? Lets take a look!

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With the Level Packs, you can expand the dimension worlds, that contains whole new mission-based gaming levels, along with a mini figure, a vehicle and a gadget to build and use in the game. Currently the ones available or able to pre-order are: Back To The FutureGhostbustersSimpsonsDr. WhoMidway Retro Gamer and Portal 2. For me, these are a MUST, as they are FULL levels to play and increase the game play. The only draw back is, for $30, the levels are not very long compared to the traditional Lego Video Games that you would pay at the same price. However, these are some franchises that you WILL NOT find in the traditional Lego Video Games, and currently these are $10 off on Amazon, bringing most of them down to just 19.99! So I would highly recommend getting them all!


With Team Packs, you get to add to your Lego Dimensions. Get a dynamic pair of mini figures and a vehicle or gadget for each. Why would you need these for the game? Well, certain levels will have puzzles or areas of the game that only certain characters or vehicles can access, that is where Team Packs or Fun Packs come into play. These ARE NOT essential to game play or to completing the game. If you are like me and want to complete the game at 100%, obtain all the mini kit pieces and solve all the puzzles. You will need to get all of the Team Packs and Fun Packs. They currently offer Jurassic WorldNinjagoScooby Doo and DC Comics. Right now, these are $5 off on Amazon, so I would pick and choose which ones are important to you to start your collection. 


Fun Packs are much like Team Packs, they offer an item that will give you access or abilities inside the game. Fun Packs each contain a character and a gadget or vehicle from a franchise. Some of them will coordinate with Level PacksOut of all of the categories, the Fun Packs have the most options of characters from the different franchises, including Lord Of The RingsWizard Of OzLegends Of ChimaLego MovieDC ComicsThe SimpsonsBack to The FutureDr. Who and Ghostbusters. For me, these can add up, so I just purchased the ones that coordinate with the Level Packs and some of my favorite individual characters like the Wicked Witch. I plan on adding to my collection so I can access all of the areas of the game to complete the game at 100%. You can currently save $5 on these on Amazon. 

Now as you may have seen, when shopping, that many of these items are pre-order. Well, I would highly recommend pre-ordering these items as they sell out quickly due to the popularity of this game. Here is the current release schedule of all of the Lego Dimensions franchise:

I have to say this is one of the best surprises that Santa could have brought me. I was very skeptical about this game upon its release in September, however, I have been pleasantly surprised. The game takes you from one dimension to the next in a way that keeps your interest glued to the game. The ability to mix all of the franchises together brings a comic element to the gameplay that is refreshing and new. It plays out like a mini movie. Having played all of the different toys-to-life format games including Disney InfinitySkylanders and Nintendo Amiibo, I have to say, this is by far my favorite one. 

Now, even though I do adore this game and recommend it highly to everyone, I do have some critical points I would like to bring to your attention.

 Lego Dimensions is an expensive game system to get into. Even at the sale point, currently at Amazon, Lego Dimensions has set the game play up for your kids to want ALL of the additional Level PacksTeam Packs and Fun Packs. Why, because certain elements of the game can only be achieved by these additional products. The price points of these packs ranging from $10-$50 can add up very quickly. Let's be honest, if the last mini kit piece lays behind that shiny silver wall, that only the  Wicked Witch can access, what do you think your kid is going to bug you about for the next three months? 

My other issue is the amount of time the game requires you to move the mini figures on the portal. This actually annoyed me beyond belief. I sit pretty far away from my TV and many times during the game, Lego Dimensions will REQUIRE you to move Batman from one section of the portal to another section of the portal. WHY? I have no idea. Another time Wyldstyle is a master builder and in order for her to build anything you have to move her to EACH section of the portal. This is really annoying and I found this to be such a hassle. The portal itself, is plugged into your gaming system so you have to literally, in the middle of the game,  have to get up, go to the portal and move your mini figures around. Now for me it is not a big deal, except I am usually comfy, but however for a child with disabilities it is a huge hassle. I am not sure if there is a way to turn this feature off or not, but I am not a big fan of this feature. 

Overall, l I still think this is a HUGE HIT for any home and family! I highly recommend it at the current price on Amazon. Add this to your collection of games. As with all of the Lego Video Games, this is full of high quality entertainment that is safe for any family and will keep your kids and "big kids" entertained for days! 

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