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Ken here with Ken's Kretions! I am so excited to share something that I saw and supported months ago on Kickstarter, the ShotBox. So what is the ShotBox? How can this amazing tool make your business, blog, and family heirlooms more visual appealing? Well, in today's post I am going to show you my YouTube video review and go over some great information in this post!

So, what exactly is the ShotBox? Who would benefit from having the ShotBox?
The ShotBox is a fully contained, tabletop, collapsible, portable, lightweight photo light studio. Perfect for objects, photos and documents. Use it with your smart phone, DSLR and digital cameras! The ShotBox uses high powered LEDs to create a perfectly lit "micro-studio" environment to get great images!
The ShotBox was designed for BloggersDIY & HobbiestOnline Store Owners and Ancestry Fans. I have found that really anyone could benefit having the ShotBox in their house.

As a blogger, I have been looking for a way to improve my photos, so when I was introduced to the ShotBox, it was a no brainer for me! In my review I will be reviewing the ShotBox Bundle which includes the ShotBoxSideShot and the Backdrop Kit. I also made the decision to add the Deluxe Tote Bag to my package, because it is made of neoprene. In this review, we will take a look at what comes in the box, set-up, taking the perfect shot and final thoughts. Under the video I will go into further detail on the amazing ShotBox.

So what do you think? The ShotBox in my opinion can take your photos to the next level! Now depending on what package you get, will depend on what you get with your shot box. Let's take a look at the different options:



SHOTBOX Bundle (W/ SideShot And Backdrops) - CLICK FOR PRICES
This is the premium package and the one that is featured in the video. This package comes with the ShotBoxSideShot and Backdrop Kit.

This is the base unit for the shot box. This will only come with the ShotBox and will not include any extras. You can add the SideShot and Backdrop Kit at another time. 

SideShotBackdrop Kit & Deluxe Tote Bag - CLICK FOR PRICES
If you opted to get the ShotBox base unit, you are able to buy the other components of the ShotBox at another time. I highly recommend getting all of these accessories. The  SideShot will allow your phone to get the perfect shot. The Backdrop Kit gives you more options for your photos and the Deluxe Tote Bag being waterproof will protect your new investment. The Deluxe Tote Bag also was designed perfectly with a spot for all of the individual pieces of the ShotBox.


Your new ShotBox has some great features to get the perfect shot, but does require a small footprint. Do not worry, the great thing about the ShotBox, it's collapsable and portable! When you are finished, simple break it down and store it away in your Deluxe Tote Bag.


We ordered our ShotBox and now we got it in the mail. Now, lets open it up and set it up!

Setting it up was easy, but check out how easy it is to collapse and store away in either the basic tote or the Deluxe Tote Bag.


The ShotBox has taken some amazing photos. Some of these can be seen on the actual ShotBox site and some that I have even taken for this blog and will be sharing in the blog posts going forward. Here are some of the amazing shots that the ShotBox has been able to assist in capturing...

Here are some photos I have already taken using my ShotBox!


I’m getting bands or stripes through my photo.
Banding occurs when the dimmer is less than full and the camera app isn't able to adjust to the shutter speed necessary to match the light frequency. This isn't a problem with DSLR's, Digital Cameras or a supporting camera app.

Make sure the on/off switch is all the way to the right at full power. Any banding should stop. In case you really needed to dim here are a couple of quick solutions or workarounds:
1) You can quickly use the toggle switch (upper left button on the front) to turn off half the lights.

2) There is a good app (much better than the native camera) that adjusts shutter speed, as well as provide many superior features over most other camera apps. It's called ProCam. I've attached a quick tutorial to this message. We highly recommend this app and its additional abilities all around.
3) Take the photo at full light strength and use the camera app's contrast and brightness features to adjust. This often provides superior results as the software balances the color tones.
It really comes down to whether dimming is needed when using a smart phone. We're looking at mechanical solutions, but the physical dimming helps more with DSLR photography than the quick tuning that can be done on a mobile device.

I HIGHLY recommend the ShotBox to anyone who takes photos in their home. For any bloggers, online sellers, historians, scrapbookers, card-makers, toy collectors, eBay sellers, the list goes on. The ShotBox is going to be an investment that really does pay off in your photos!

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