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Today I share some tips that changed my life in my craft room. I love die cutting and LOVE using Intricate Dies, however I do not love the mess I have to clean up after using them. Well, today I am excited to share three ways that will change the way you die-cut!

I get it! Die-cuts add beautiful accents to cards and projects, but at times can be a pain to clean. Either it does not cut all the way through, or you are left with all of the pieces left in your die. You spend the next 20 minutes trying to clean out all of those tiny pieces using an All-In-One Tool. Well in this video I cover three different ways to make die-cutting hassle free!

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DIE-CUT HASSLE: https://youtu.be/X9tzzdA9A9U?t=57s
USING WAX PAPER: https://youtu.be/X9tzzdA9A9U?t=1m27s
USING DRYER SHEETS: https://youtu.be/X9tzzdA9A9U?t=2m19s
USING PLASTI BAGS: https://youtu.be/X9tzzdA9A9U?t=3m6s
FINAL THOUGHTS: https://youtu.be/X9tzzdA9A9U?t=4m1s

This is the MOST popular way that I found online to cut intricate dies. If you head over to YouTube, you will find a ton of crafters that show you how this technique works.  The process and explanation is simple. The Wax Paper is put between the die and the paper, thus in turn making it easy to seperate these pieces.

However, many people explain that this is actually harming your dies due to the wax on the paper getting stuck in the dies. This is also some of the main reasons your dies need to be sharpened by Aluminum Foil. The following video is the inspiration for my video and also explains why Wax Paper is harming your dies. 


My personal favorite is the Dryer Sheet method for intricate dies. I included this method in with my 6 Craft Room Tips since i use this process all the time. The sandwich for this would be you die, paper, followed by two-three sheets of SCENTED Dryer Sheet. It is important that you use the SCENTED as these are stiffer and create more static to cling to. WHY is this my favorite? It works amazingly. Not only does it cut the die beautiful, but all of your small pieces stick to the dryer sheet. All you need to do is throw the dryer sheet away! Plus your card smells extra delightful. Now I understand some people are allergic to this method and cannot use it. Plus out of all three methods, this one is the most expensive. However, for me it is worth EVERY PENNY! Here is my original video showing this amazing process:


Now as much as I like the Dryer Sheet method, I have to say this NEW method is AMAZING! Now i understand it is NOT NEW, but NEW to me. After someone watched my 6 Craft Room Tips, they contacted me by Email to share with me a fun technique using shopping bags. THAT'S RIGHT! In This Video the owner of Cheery Lynn Designs showed us an amazing method that would cut our dies and NOT RUIN our dies. Of course as soon as I tested out this method I was hooked. WHY? EASY to do, SUPPLIES on hand, and most of all it is FREE!!! Essentially the way this method works is to start with the die, then the material, and then finish off the stack with a cut out of any grocery bag. Now for me in my tests, it was better to use one with little to no printing on it.  This method worked fairly good.  However unlike the Dryer Sheet method, I still needed to use my All-In-One Tool to clean out my die. But, keeping in mind that consumers have an abundance of shopping bags in their hope, makes this method one that needs mentioning. Here is the part in the video where he goes over this method:

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