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On February 18th, 2013, I decided to share with the world my thoughts on the Original Silhouette Cameo. So as anyone would do, I grabbed my phone, set the Cameo up on some plastic risers and hit record. I was so excited to upload my very 1st YouTube Video. Now if you have not seen this gem, well you can watch it by CLICKING HERE. Fast Forward to 2017, and compare it to my recent review video of the brand new Cricut Totes Video. WOW, what a difference. Now, as I grew my technical skills on video production, I also saw my YouTube Channel grow along with me!

Well, I am so excited to announce that our Channel currently has over 60,000 subscribers and our Facebook Page has over 10,000 likes! As I celebrate these milestones, I want to invite all of you to celebrate with me! 

So, how are we celebrating? By giving away some amazing prizes. Take a look at this LIVE video that I recorded where I go over all the details!!


Hey Everyone! I am so excited to announce that recently our Ken's Kreations has some things to celebrate! Thanks to all of the support from each and everyone one of you, we have hit over 60,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 10,000 likes on facebook! To celebrate, we want to get back to all of you. We we are hosting six different contest with multiple prizes, and all of you are invited to participate!! Here are the themes for the contests:

1) Silhouette Contest
2) Cricut Contest - CURRENT CONTEST
3) Amazing People Contest
4) Stamping Contest
5) Paper Crafting Contest
6) Get Up And Go Contest

The contest will be hosted on my blog at or . Starting tomorrow (Monday March 13th, 2017) our first contest will be posted. Look for the post in my blog and the ways you can enter. Every three days one contest will end and another will start. Feel free to enter all contests and the contest is open to everyone. Here is how we will announce each contest:

1) We will kick off each contest with a LIVE video on the contest we will be featuring for the next three day
2) The way to enter and how to enter will be posted on my blog for each contest
3) You will have multiple ways to enter, however will not be required to complete all entries
4) At the end of each contest we will announce the winner on our LIVE video

Make sure to follow me on the following sites for the most up to date information for each contest:

So there you have it! We are hosting 6 different contest themes over the next 18 days! And we are kicking things off with a HUGE PRIZE!

 For these three days we are focusing on everything Cricut! Recently Cricut Released their Cricut Totes! These Totes & Bags are high quality and well thought out! To read the and review and watch my review video CLICK HERE. As part of this giveaway I have chosen items that have made an impact on me or my YouTube Channel. For the next 3 days you have a chance to enter to win the All 3 Cricut Totes or a Cricut Supply Package Valued Over $200. So, how do you enter for a chance to win one of these amazing prizes? Take a peek below. Remember you DO NOT have to enter all of the options. However, the more you enter the better chance you have in the overall adds.

I am so excited to share with you some of my FAVORITE craft items over the next 18 days! You will want to make sure you are checking back to my these main social media sites to find out who the winners are and what contest theme will be next!!!

I cannot express enough how much I adore all of you and the support you have given Sean and me over the past 3 years! I truly know that I would not be here without all of you! 
Good Luck To Everyone!!

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