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Today, I am so excited to share with you something I have been looking for in the past year. Over the past few years, mystery and subscription boxes have taken over the world. To say I am an addict, is putting it lightly. I have subscribed to the Cricut Mystery Box and love it, however I have not been able to find one that is geared towards the Silhouette Cutting Machines, until now!

Calling all Silhouette Enthusiasts, I have finally found a subscription box JUST FOR YOU! And this is no ordinary subscription box, It is the Silhouette Life Inspiration Box! This Inspiration Box was created by fellow Silhouette Enthusiasts, Becky and Glenna. These two ladies did not just want to create a Mystery Box, they wanted to create an EXPERIENCE. 

They set out with a goal to spark the inspiration from within by delivering awesome Silhouette Tools and Supplies straight to your doorstep! As fellow Silhouette Enthusiasts, you can trust that they stand right along us in wanting quality products and recommendations without the hassle! So how does it work? What comes in the box? What makes this box so different? Is it worth the $34.99 a month. In today's YouTube we answer all of these questions. Plus take a peek at more details after the video!

As you can see the Silhouette Life Inspiration Box is so much more than your average mystery or subscription box. The box shifts the focus off of the product and focuses on inspiring it's subscribers to ACTUALLY USE their machines! So many people invest hundreds of dollars into these cutting machines, to have them just sit in the corner and collect dust. Now with the Silhouette Life Inspiration Box you have the opportunity to be part of an experience!

So how does the Silhouette Life Inspiration Box work? For 34.99 a month, you get the box jam-packed with at least $70 worth of products from their continual rotations of merchants that keeps you on top of the popular and upcoming products from your soon-to-be favorite companies.  

Becky and Glenna have spent countless hours teaming up with sponsors! They have acquired some really great sponsors for the Silhouette Life Inspiration Box! They have personally vetted each of their sponsors in the quality of goods and level of customer service.  CLICK HERE to see all of their hand picked sponsors.

Each month the box has a theme and the product placed into the Silhouette Life Inspiration Box will revolve around that theme. Once the subscriber gets their box, this is when the inspiration sparks fly and this is what truly sets this part from other boxes. Once the theme has been set, Becky and Glenna create tutorials, techniques, projects and cut files for the product. The box takes the focus off the product and inspires people to use their machines in ways they never thought possible. The Silhouette Life Inspiration Box includes $70 worth of product, supply list, tutorials and access to a MEMBERS ONLY facebook group! Here in this group they can access their cut files and step by step instructions on how to use the product. Lets take a peek what came in the April box.

Each month you will be able to follow along on the Silhouette Life Inspiration Box blog for full tutorials on all the products and tools you receive in the box! With the help of the tutorials and community in the EXCLUSIVE MEMBERS ONLY Facebook group I was able to take this:
And turn it into this:
So I know some of you are already asking what was in past previous boxes and what did the subscribers create with those boxes? CLICK HERE to see all the past previous boxes. Once again with the idea being that this box helps inspire it's subscribers, lets take a peek at some of the previous month boxes and what people created:
Are you ready to jump on board and experience the excitement of the Silhouette Life Inspiration Box? Or do you have more questions that you wants answered before you commit to the subscription?

Do you have additional questions that you want answered before you subscribe? That is okay, I totally get it. Most of the questions you have can be answered by checking out the Silhouette Life Inspiration Box FAQ page. CLICK HERE to check out the top questions and answers other subscribers had before committing.

However, for those of you who would like to SECURE their box and guarantee a box every month, ACT FAST!! The April box is already SOLD OUT and the May inspiration box is almost all spoken for!! Follow these three easy steps to ignite the spark and start your inspiring journey:

If you feel the Silhouette Life Inspiration Box is not in your budget right now, make sure to BOOKMARK This Page for future reference. This is a one stop information page on this amazing box!

Well I hope you are as excited about the Silhouette Life Inspiration Box as I was when I first found it! I truly think this is one of the BEST subscription boxes I have ever reviewed!!

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