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This past January we attended the 2017 Creativation in Phoenix Arizona.Here we are fortunate enough to see some of the hottest craft items coming to the market. While at the 2017 Creativation we posted a lot of these products online videos which can still be found on my YouTube channel. CLICK HERE to watch these videos. One item received a ton of interest and was my number one requested review from this show. So, what was this product? Say HELLO to the Brother P-Touch Embellish!!

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So what is the Brother P-Touch Embellish?How does this differ from other labeling machines on the market? What special features come with the Brother P-Touch Embellish? And is there something you need to add to your craft room? We have published tube videos on the Brother P-Touch Embellish. The First Video was recorded live, gives a full tour of the Brother P-Touch Embellish and we answered questions live. This video is long but will give you a full in-depth look and give you many of the answers you seek. The Second Video is a more condensed high overview of the features and benefits of the Brother P-Touch Embellish. You'll find both videos below. After watching the videos make sure to read the rest the blog post where we take a more in-depth look at this machine and answer viewer questions. 



Now, as soon as I saw the Brother P-Touch Embellish I knew it was going to be a big hit with the party favor arena. This tool is perfect for dressing up cupcake packages, presents or just using it with your paper crafting projects. In fact, I believe the party favor market is exactly what Brother was looking for, as we found this machine and all the accessories in the party favor aisle at our local Michaels.

Easily add your personal touch to Satin Ribbons and Decorative Tape! Personalize ribbon in tape with the selection of 14 fonts, 90+ borders, 400+ symbols and 25 patterns. Print continuous patterns, repeating text or use the included templates for a variety of fun ribbon printing options.  loaded with easy features like one-touch keys and print preview. Great for gift wrapping, party favors, craft projects and more! The Brother P-Touch Embellish requires 6 AAA Batteries (not included) or you can use it with the Brother A/C Adapter

So What makes this special? Well, the dark teal keys in the center of the Brother P-Touch Embellish hold the magic. These keys are the Font, Frame, Symbol, Pattern, and Ribbon. They allow you to do change the font, add accent characters, frame your sentiment, have a continuous frame, change the template, add symbols, and give your sentiment an initial mark.

Click on each photo below for a larger image:

The Brother P-Touch Embellish was released with an initial 5 Satin Ribbons and 9 Decorative Tapes. The Brother P-Touch EmbellishSatin Ribbons and Decorative Tapes can all be found at or by CLICKING HERE. Below you will find all of the current Satin Ribbons and Decorative Tapes.

The Satin Ribbons will be packed in a green box and comes with .47" X 13.1 ft. (12mm x 4m). Decorative Tapes will be packed in a teal box and comes with .47" X 13.1 ft. (12mm x 4m). You will not the photos and description at and the brother website does not reflect the correct information as it states you will get 16.4 feet.

Click on each photo for more details:

 Since this uses Thermal Transfer Printing to print on the Satin Ribbons and Decorative Tapes we saw no smearing of ink. Plus due to this technology, it makes all the  Satin Ribbons and Decorative Tapes waterproof. The sating ribbons will get wet, but it will not affect the printing. We also tested the sating ribbons extensively and saw no fraying on the ends of the ribbon. The  Satin Ribbons feel and look like a traditional Satin Ribbons. The Satin Ribbons do not have any adhesive on the back of the ribbon, but this could easily be added. Whereas the Decorative Tapes felt like a traditional label with a full adhesive back.

Here is a selection of what the ribbon looks like in the 9 different fonts:

The Brother P-Touch Embellish gives you the ability to print on  Satin Ribbons and Decorative Tapes. However, you are also able to print on any P-Touch TZE tapes up to ~1/2" wide.

ALL Compatible TZe Labels
CLICK HERE to see all of the compatible tapes

Click on each photo for more details:

Click on each photo for more details:
Iron-On TZe Label
Flexible Cable Labels

Now, I know many of you are already wondering if you are able to use the Satin Ribbons and Decorative Tapes in other Brother P-Touch labelers. It is important to know that even though you are able to use compatible TZe in the Brother P-Touch Embellish........sadly you ARE NOT able to use Satin Ribbons and Decorative Tapes in other Brother Labelers. 

Well, I hope you enjoyed this personal look at the NEW Brother P-Touch Embellish

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