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As many of you know Sean and I are extremely busy building the Ken's Kreations brand around the world. As you can imagine this takes energy, focus, time and a HUGE amount of dedication. Of course one could assume the amount of time that is taken away from our daily routine, especially meal. After we have done one of our live YouTube Live Videos, the last thing we want to do is plan, shop, and prepare a meal! So, it is usually Jimmy Johns, Pita Pit, Subway or Costa Vida at least three times a week. Well, our friends over at Gobble caught our live videos and reached out to us to offer us a solution to our meal woes. 

We are usually vocal in our YouTube Live Videos what our dinner plans will be. Mostly our viewers hear we are going to Jimmy Johns or Pita Pit. When Gobble caught wind of this, they immediately reached out to us to introduce us to their meal service. They agreed to send us three meals at no cost in exchange for our unbiased review. We have just finished the third dinner, so I wanted to share with all of my thoughts on this service. 

Now, this is by far not the first meal service on the block. And for the most part, I have shied away from these services due to cost and the meals they provided. Plus many other services are requiring their new member sign-ups to commit to a monthly commitment. Gobble is different. 

Gobble has made this CONVENIENT, EASY and FLEXIBLE for us. Which we loved! To sign up was an easy process. First, we clicked this Gobble link to make sure we got the 50% off deal. From this page, we were asked our email, zip code, delivery window, and shipping address. We then confirmed how many people would need to be feed and what types of food we enjoyed or disliked. Even though Gobble does not guarantee a full menu that caters to specific diets. Each week there are meals that are Dairy-free,  nut-free,  or gluten-free. Now all that we had to do was wait for our first delivery!

When we receive our box, I was pleasantly surprised on how well the meals were organized and packed. The meals were surrounded by paper wrapped cotton as a thermal to keep your ingredients cold till you got home. When you open the box you will find all of your meals in individually wrapped packages, a welcome letter, and your instructions.  

Each meal focuses on simplicity. The recipes are created by award winning executive chef Thomas Ricci. He has the important job of not only creating yummy food but ensuring that the food can be executed into 3 step recipes that can be cooked in 10-minutes.  The meals are perfectly portioned with your daily requirements on nutritional content. Each meal is designed to be between 500-700 calories per person. 

So now came the time to put Gobble to the test. We grabbed our pre-portioned ingredients, and our 3 step recipes card with instructions and started cooking. Here are our results:

So what are our thoughts? 
Well for the SPECIAL OFFER price that we can currently offer you, this is an amazing service! The cost for three meals was only $35.85 and this gave us 3 meals for 2 people. 


The meals were easy to prepare. Literally just cut open the packages and pull the ingredients out. The 3 step instructions come written in plain English and gives you step-by-step photos to follow as well. The only issue I had was the time. We followed the instructions to the letter, and each meal took us anywhere from 18-22 minutes to complete. However, this is still a much better time versus us shopping and cooking. The taste was AMAZING. The meals flavors complimented each other and left us eagerly waiting for our next meal. Now, I was worried about the portion size. I am a guy who likes my plate full, and these portions seemed at first small to me. However, upon finishing my meal I was content. I was by NO means FULL, but content. If I had more I would eat it, so maybe this will help with my diet needs. At the end of the day, we were EXTREMELY happy with Gobble! So much we have decided we would become regular customers and sign-up for our next week meals today! 

Now after reading this, if you still have further questions I highly recommend checking out Gobble's FAQ Page. To view this page Click Here

So Are You Ready To Try Gobble?? Make sure to get our SPECIAL DEAL. Click the graphic below and use code SECRET50 to save $50 off your first week!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this review of Gobble meal plan!

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