So this is my last and final Halloween Card that I will be making. I got the inspiration from one thing.....The contest. Cricut.com was having a contest using the new Frightful Affair cartridge. Well I had everything planned out and I was going to submit this one, but as always life gets in the way and I was too late. Well I still wanted to use this cartridge so here is my creation off it!! The entire card I used the new Frightful Affair Cartridge (with exception of one cut). On the Front I started with a gray base card and used the stock 5X7 rectangle that comes pre-loaded on the imagine for the house in a dark grey. I did this at 5 inches. Using the same cartridge I cut out the the window, door, caution tape and fence. I wanted to use basic colors and give it a look of scary and blood since this was going to be a zombie theme card. For the brown i actually used thin cardboard. The window was cut 2.5 and the door was at 3.0. The fence was at 1.5. To make the roof, I took a piece of red paper and folded it in half and cut the desired roof size. I went over the house and roof with a sponge dabber with black ink. I did this very heavy as to give the look of a dirty run down home. I then used the same dabber and lightly went over the remaining items. I raised the roof and fence up using foam squares. As for the "Beware" sign...I actually used the new Create-A-Critter 2 cartridge for this. I had some left over magnet words that i have had for ever and I used this for the "Stop..Do Not Run" sentiment. On the inside I used the same color theme I had from the front. I used the Frightful Affair cartridge for the Trees, Zombie, and Graves. I cut the tree at 3.75 and the zombie at 5.25. The gravestones were cut at 2.0. On the trees i took the same black dabber from the front and heavily put on black ink. I used a white out pin for the tree faces. I cut the zombie and used some red clothing puffy pain for the parts that i wanted blood. I used the same white pen for the zombie's eyes. I used foam squares to raise the zombie up to show distance between him and the trees. On the graves I wrote dates as if they were real headstones. I raised the arms up using foam squares cut in 1/4. As for the sentiment on the top I took the same three colors and cut a basic black square. Using my EK punch, I cut the border with the pumpkin punch and backed it with red paper. I then cut a piece of my cardboard for the backing and using my red clothing puffy paint wrote "zombie" with blood drips coming down on it. This was easy to do since the puffy paint is so thick. I also lined the bottom of the page where the black and cardboard meets with dripping blood. Then using the same magnet words I finished the sentiment from the front "Zombie's Do Not Like Fast Food". 

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