So about 1 year ago I feel in love with a cartridge called Car Decals...I had so many cute ideas I was oging to do with it....Then I saw the Cricut E2 Anniversary Edition came the Cricut Decals Cartridge...Of course I needed this one too to make all of my cute ideas I had. Well they sat in my closet for months and then something magical happened. had a Midnight Madness Sale and I got some orange vinyl for 1.99. At the time I had no idea what I was going to use it for. When I got the box 2 weeks later I realized the vinyl matched my car perfect. So on the close up pictures you will see some bubbles and bumps. These settled down by the next day and now they are smooth as a babies butt! Well I put two and two together and here is what happened. 

Here is the Video of How to make these cute Deacals:

Kens Kreations

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