Hey Everyone! Well the day has come that I finally got my Cricut Explore. As many of us have seen, many bloggers were given an Explore at the Cricut Summit event. Since then they have been posting some amazing things about this machine and all it could do. However I was wondering if these opinions were coming from a blogger who was truly impressed or one who got a free machine. So one of the first things I wanted to do with my Explore was a comparison cut with my Silhouette Cameo. Both of the machine's had brand new blades and never before used mats. The images came from the same source and all I did was import the items into each of the software per the instructions of the particular software. I used 65lb weight paper. Yes, i have already got feedback of using the same color of paper for the next test cuts since I have been told different color dyes can change the cut. Also I wanted to test these at the settings that the machine software recommends, so that would be at blade depth 5 for the cameo and the dial in between light/heavy card stock for the explore. I realize that we can slow down the speed of the Cameo and that could change the results that we get, however I wanted to test the "out of the box" results that they have set up for us.  However I feel this setup was a fair match.  Here is the video:

1) The Silhouette cut much faster, actually double the speed as the Explore.
2) The cuts on the Explore were much cleaner. You can clearly see this on the triangle cuts
3) The Explore was quiet.....SO SO SO quiet. I was shocked on how quiet this thing is.
4) Overall pretty neck and neck competition. Some of the cuts you could not tell a difference.

What are your thoughts??

So just to clarify things I am still in LOVE with my Cameo!! At this time the software is way better than design space software. My reaction in this video is more due to the fact that Cricut has designed a machine that can finally compete with the Silhouette Cameo!

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