So for Christmas I decided to finally treat myself to something very special!! I have been saving money for about a year so I would be able to design with my Cricut and Silhouette Cameo on the go, so after a lot of crafting, saving, selling and blood sweat and tears I have saved enough to buy myself one of these bad boys:

A 15" Apple Macbook Pro. And lets just say I am in love with it. Well I got this baby and it looked just so boring. So off to Amazon I went to find something to make it my own. One of my favorite things in life is Pixar and one of my favorite movies is Wall*E, so when I saw this decal I fell in love with him all over again:

In about 5 days Wall*E showed up in my mailbox and he landed right there on my computer. 

I love it!!! I love how the apple decal lights up and it relives the moment they fall in love. Well once I did this, the inside of my computer just did not look the same. And I thought to myself…..

"Ken you got this for designing on the go and that is what we are going to do!"

So I grabbed my Silhouette Cameo, some black vinyl, my new computer and I was off to create something for the inside and just watch the video below to see what happens!!

I am so just in love with how this all turned out. I love opening my computer and see this two love machines!! LOL!! So below you can find the link to the graphics so you can import it into your designer edition program and trace and cut it till your hearts desire. 

I have got more compliments on this! Every time i take my computer out, people want to know if i can customize their computers and of course i tell them. Come spend some time making memories in my craft room with me and we can make anything!!

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TIME: 10 Minutes


Thanks for coming by today! Come by real soon to see what "Lands Next"

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