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Well after many months (yeah not kidding), I finally received my Amazon Echo. I am very excited about this amazing piece of technology. So what can the new Amazon Echo do for you and your household. Well in this video I will take a closer look at the Amazon Echo. We will unbox the echo, show you how to set it up, ask Alexa a few questions and give you my final thoughts!

Now Once I got the Amazon Echo set-up I realized just how much it could do!
As a Amazon Prime User I get a ton of different benefits and for $99 I know it is one of the best deal our there. With Prime you get FREE 2 Day Shipping, Prime Instant Video, Prime Photos, Access to Kindle Library and Prime Music. Now with the Amazon Echo, by far my favorite feature is the ability to listen to millions of songs on Amazon Music. You can ask Alexa  to play your favorite artist, a specific song or any playlist found on Amazon Music. You can tell Alexa  to turn volume up/down, skip tracks, pause and more.

Another great feature that they have incorporate into the Amazon Echo for Amazon Prime User is the ability to re-order select items that you have purchased on You can tell Alexa  to reorder an item, she will confirm and your credit card will be charged and you item will be on your doorstep in 2 days.
If you are not a Amazon Prime User
Another feature that Amazon Echo is the ability to have Alexa read you or your children books. Amazon has partnered with Audible to deliver thousands of books that now can be read by Alexa anywhere in your home. As a Amazon Prime User you get a 90 day FREE access to try out this service to see if it is something you want to be able to use on your Amazon Echo

Now Alexa  can do so much more. Since Alexa used far-field voice recognition you can practically ask here anything while you are in the room. Here are some things that the Amazon Echo can currently do:
And new things are being added monthly to not only the Amazon Echo, but the applications that power Alexa on our mobile devices. You can take a look at the application by CLICKING HERE. Now just in the past few weeks as of June 2015 here is some things Amazon Echo has added:

Now with all of these amazing features, the Amazon Echo still has a long way to come. The speaker sound quality is not as pronounced as some of the other wireless speakers on the market. If you are looking for a speaker you would be much better going with Beats Pill or the Bose Soundlink Mini. If you want to hear what those sound link check out this video. (Beats Pill VS Bose Soundlink Mini). 

The Amazon Echo also has only incorporated a few websites for Alexa to find her information. Many times when i asked a question I was referred to the Amazon Echo App on my phone to search a bing result for my answer. Hopefully in time this will also improve. 

Well I hope you enjoyed this review with of the Amazon Echo. Currently to purchase the Amazon Echo you have to request an invite and be out on a waitlist. Once approved you can purchase and wait, and wait, and wait, oh and wait for Alexa to arrive. Now at a price point of $199 or $149 for Amazon Prime User you have to make the decision if Alexa is going to be the new member of your family. I was happy to have her invited into my home. 

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