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Well recently I reviewed the new Silhouette Curio and I was less than thrilled with the results. At the same time the Silhouette Curio was announces Silhouette also announced the new Silhouette Mint. The Silhouette Mint is an innovated stamping system that allows you to create a stamp using any image you want!! 

So of course I had to test this new crafting tool out in a video review. In this video we take a look at what comes in the box, the software behind the Silhouette Mint, how to create a stamp, how to assemble the stamp, inking the stamp and my final thoughts. Below the video you will find more detail review information and at the bottom of the post you will see where you can purchase this little, yet powerful machine. 

So let's first take a look at what comes in the box. The Silhouette Mint basic bundle comes in at a cost of $129.99 which gets you the following: 

Setting up your Silhouette Mint is quick and easy. The Silhouette Mint  comes with two cables in the box. A power cord and USB cord. Simply plug each into the back of the Silhouette Mint and then into the wall and computer and you are ready to install your new software. 


Making a stamp with the Silhouette Mint  is truly an easy process. I was pleasantly surprised how easy the process is. The Silhouette Mint is a fast machine that allows you to make stamps from start to finish in a matter of minutes. Just follow these easy steps:



Your  Silhouette Mint uses a new powerful software that will give you the ability to turn anything into a stamp. You can use: Silhouette Files, Your Own Files, Photos, Any Font, or Mix and Match Any Of These!! This does require new software that is separate from your Silhouette Studio software. You can install this software by using the installation CD that came in the box, or by downloading the latest edition of the software by CLICKING HERE. Once the software is loaded you can launch the program and log into your account and register your new Silhouette Mint. You will be entitled to 50 free images that can be found in your recent download file folder in your library. I was impressed on how easy the software is to use. It was designed with the user in mind and is a nice, fast and user friendly experience. Simply bring your image in, place it and print! No need to trace images or mess with any weird editing! If you can use Silhouette Studio then the Silhouette Mint Studio Software will be a breeze!


Once you hit print you Silhouette Mint will jump into action. Feed the appropriate size Silhouette Stamp Sheet into the back of the Silhouette Mint and watch as your mint machine prints your new stamp. The Silhouette Mint is fast, detailed, accurate and quiet. I was VERY impressed with how well the machine printed the stamp and the outcome of the accuracy, especially with my logo which usually struggles due to the many intricate pieces. This is due to the Silhouette Mint using thermal printing onto the Silhouette Stamp Sheet. Once you are done printing you stamp simple remove it from the protective covering and apply it to your constructed plastic block. 


You Silhouette Mint comes with RedBlueYellow and Black ink in the box. You are able to get a wide variety of colors in addition to these basic colors to match any crafting needs! You can find all of the colors down below in the shopping list. 

Once you have decided what color you would like you stamp just apply the ink on top of the stamp. Let the ink sit and dry for about 5-10 minutes so the ink can adsorb into the stamp. This unique ink will allow approximately 50 stamped images before you will need to re-ink your stamp. The only draw back to this system is the ability to change the color of your stamped images. You will have to wait to use all of the current ink on the stamp before switching colors unless you want to mix colors as I did in the above photo. 


Once the ink has dried for 5-10 minutes you are now able to use you new custom stamp. Stamp the excess ink off the stamp on a scrap piece of paper and you are ready to start stamping!

The Silhouette Mint is an amazing system for creating custom stamps. The software is easy to use and the stamps and ink transfer beautifully. The only hesitation I see with the Silhouette Mint is the cost. This is an expensive system. Below you can see the cost of the supplies:

(This set includes everything you will need to make your stamp INCLUDING the block)
(This set DOES NOT include the block, but make twice the amount of stamps)

So as you can see the cost to make a stamp can be costly. For me this system is really designed for someone who needs a stamp that will be mass produced on a card or a specialty stamp that you cannot find in a store. It is a fun tool to have in your craft room, but not so fun on the checkbook!

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