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Well some of you might have noticed I have been MIA on my BlogFacebookYouTube and other Social Media ventures. The reason? Simple. I had no ELECTRICITY!

I live in Spokane, WA and on Tuesday November 17th, 2015 Spokane, WA had one of the WORST wind storms our city has every encountered! We had record 75 MPH winds that toppled trees onto houses and snapped power lines to over 200K people in the city.

The storm started to hit Spokane while I was at work and at about 3:45 the storm was getting so bad that I decided to let most of my team leave work except the core needed to run the operations of our banking center. Soon the City Of Spokane decided to shut down all operations in the city. My work, Washington Trust Bank, decided to follow suit and at 4:00 we were able to start shutting down the bank. Sadly right at that moment the entire power grid went down and I was not able to leave until 4:30. My normal commute home from the Manito Banking Center to my house is about 10 minutes, however during the wind storm it took me about 1 hour and 15 minutes. Why? TREES!!! LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of DOW TREES!

When I got home, of course no power. The winds were howling at 75 MPH and of course we have towering pine trees all around our house. I was just praying none would fall on my house. The first night we had no idea the devastation as we went to bed. I assumed my power would be restored over night, as it was just some strong winds. However in the morning we awoke to this:

The news was reporting that almost 200K people were out of power and it could be 3-5 days until it was fully restored. This sadly turned into 4-6, than 5-7 and sadly for some people 7-10. Why? Because of the photos above. The hurricane force winds combined tall "weak root" pine trees knocked down 315 trees across the city. Most of these trees where in my neighborhood. When the trees came down, so did the power lines. Those power lines then YANKED on the transformers and poles which created a domino effect along the entire system. I was lucky as I already had a Gas FireplaceCandles, and Lighter. However most grocery stores in my area closed due to no power so stores supplies went quickly and if you did not stock up you were out of luck. These items included:

Luckily I had some amazing friends come to my rescue with some of the above supplies to provide us some heat, electricity and COFFEE!! We were very fortunate, because some of my dearest friends had no electricity, but also because of the trees and storm, sadly now had no house. 

This is just one house that was hit with trees during the storm. The cost of this storm will be in the millions. We might have been without power for 8 days, but I am thankful we did not have a pine tree peeking though the roof!

So for a week, Sean and I sat in the house disconnect (kind of) to the world. We made the best of it as we could. He used out BBQ to make dinner most night and my best friends came to the rescue with thirty-one bags and washers to get laundry done! But 8 days is a long time for me not to craft or make a decided to do a little Periscope called "Ken's Kreations Crafting In The Dark". Now be warned! This is not edited! It is long! And I am a LITTLE insane without power! 

Ken's Kreations Is Proud To Present
Thanksgiving Invites "Crafting In The Dark"

Told you! You were warned. make sure if you want to see more Ken craziness with my sidekick Sean, subscribe to me on Periscope! I am way more relaxed and fun on Periscope versus YouTube where i tend to be more professional! Anyways for a complete shopping list see below!

I wanted to thank all of my family and friends last week for everything they did for us last week. If anything was proven to me last week, it was this. I am so thankful for everything I have. That is exactly why I am writing this entry today on Thanksgiving. I am thankful for the roof over my head, my beautiful family and friends, my 3 furry babies and all of the support i get every day from all of you! Last week really hit home how much I take for granted on a daily basis and how fortunate we are, and it really hit home. It was an eye opener and one that I am embracing and hoping you will too! Thank you for embracing me everyday and I cannot wait to start recording content for all of you again! Happy Thanksgiving from my home to yours!

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