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Well, some of you in my videos may have noticed in the background a chalkboard that I keep a list of all the YouTube videos that I would like to do on. It sits directly behind me when I do my Periscopes or if I am talking directly into my computer. Anyways, I have always struggled to find a chalk marker that had a good collection of VIBRANT colors, until now.

Say hello to the 20-Color LINKYO Liquid Chalk Marker Pens. These are amazing chalk markers that will be permanent on Blackboard, but easily wiped away with water or Baby Wipes

Now that we have seen the review let's take a closer look at these markers to see if they would be a good fit for your craft room!

The liquid chalk pens meet U.S and European conforming art standards and provide you with 20 chalk markers, each with 8 grams of exceptional artist-quality chalk ink that can be erased on any non-porous surface. These simple-to-use LINKYO professional-grade chalk ink markers are equipped with premium reversible tips - choose a chisel tip or a round tip! For your convenience, we've included 2 replacement tips absolutely FREE! Whether you are an inspiring artist, an enthusiastic crafter, or a family with creative kids, these chalk paint pens allow you to turn a simple project into a rich and bold magnificent work of art.

Now for my use I will be using these in my craft room and home for basic use and NOT using them in a business, so I was not too concerned with having a fine point. With that said I did read some reviews that said they were un happy with the tips of the markers. I did not see any disappointment with my set, however I also did not produce any works of art with them besides the wording above. 

So, in this specific review I reviewed the 20-Color LINKYO Liquid Chalk Marker Pens which comes with the following colors:

Now this company does offer other options of Liquid Chalk Marker Pens if you would not like the full 20-Color LINKYO Liquid Chalk Marker Pens. They offer a 10-Color LINKYO Liquid Chalk Marker Pens with Erasable Ink and Reversible Tips or if you already have chalk markers, you could just get the 4-Pack LINKYO Gold & Silver Chalk Ink Marker Pens

These markers are long lasting and quick drying! Get the look of chalk without the dust and smudging with dusty old chalk. The Liquid Chalk Marker Pens are erasable on non-porus materials, permanent on porous materials (PERMANENT ON TRADITIONAL CHALBOARDS), so you will want to make sure when purchasing a Blackboard that allows you to use these type of markers!

The markers are non-toxic, 100% water based, no dust, no fumes, no harsh chemicals and they are safe for children or animals. These are fun and practical for crafting, DYI projects, Teachers, Kids, Offices, Cafes, Diners, Pubs and Bistro Menus, Window Decorating, and more. The Possibilities are endless!

Now before you start with your new markers, you will want to prime the markers by following the steps you saw in the above video. Now of course every-time you use these markers you will want to re-prime these by following these easy steps to ensure the best use of your markers:

I am a huge fan of these markers and I hope you enjoyed the Video Review and the blog post! Thanks for taking a look at today's post and don't forget you can support Ken's Kreations by shopping through any of the links below!

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