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When I was a kid I remember sitting in my living room watching the Toys'R'Us commercial with their famous jingle. You know the one I am talking about! If you don't know, then CLICK HERE. Well I remember telling myself back in the 80's, I don't have to grow up! I can always embrace my kid side and play with toys! And still at the age of 36 I still am living that promise and singing that song!

So for the past years I have always played with toys, but this past year I found a series of toys from Crayola that really sparked my creativity so much that I wanted to make some videos for you to enjoy with your kiddos. This is the first in the Kids Crafts & Toys Playlist Series that I have started on my Kens Kreations YouTube Channel. Let's take a closer look at both of these amazing art toys that are fun and creative!


Experiment with color by making your own custom markers using the Crayola Marker Maker. Create up to 16 markers with Wacky Tips that change the way color lays down on the paper. This interactive kit has everything you need to get started, including three ink bottles, two marker boxes, two measuring tubes, a mixing chart, tweezers, and enough parts to make 16 one-of-a-kind markers. Kids ages eight and up will enjoy making their own marker colors and trying out their colorful creations.

Like a scientist in the lab, kids can have fun in their very own color laboratory with the Crayola Marker Maker. Use the mixing guide to decide what colors you'll create or have fun coming up with your own. The Marker Maker factory puts your custom color into a unique marker that you'll enjoy using in your own artwork.

Creating your own unique and colorful markers is easy. Choose which inks to use, mix them together, and dip the marker reservoir into the measuring tube. The marker core will appear to magically fill with your custom ink color. After the core is completely filled, remove it from the tube using the tweezers and assemble the marker with a cap, tip, and plug. Complete your marker by attaching a personalized label and naming your custom color.
So what comes in the box? The Marker Maker, three 1-ounce ink bottles, two marker boxes, two measuring tubes, mixing guide, tweezers, and 16 marker-parts sets (barrels, labels, cores, tips, caps, and plugs). You can also get other exciting colors like Pastel Colors to expand your color library. 

Creating your own custom paint colors is fun, fast, and easy with the Crayola Paint Maker. This interactive kit comes with a mixing guide to help you create 15 unique paint colors--or even make your own. Name your color creations using the included labels and clean up easily with Crayola's paint strip technology, designed to prevent mess. The Crayola Paint Maker folds up easily for convenient storage and is designed for kids ages eight and up.

With the Crayola Paint Maker, kids can explore the fascinating world of color by developing and naming their own custom paints. An included booklet provides guidance on mixing and helps kids learn about color. Whether you like to experiment or keep things simple, this kit guides you through every step of the process. The set includes 15 paint pots and labels.
Create nearly endless color combinations with 75 color strips in three colors (red, blue, and yellow). Each color is imprinted onto a paper strip to help reduce mess. A brush and 10 sheets of paper are included so kids can experiment with their new color creations. Additional paint pots, labels, and paper are available in the Crayola Paint Maker Refill Pack (sold separately).
The Crayola Paint Maker features a fold-up design for easy storage and cleanup. The portable design is easy to carry for color creation on the go.

So what comes in the box? Well, Crayola Paint Maker, 15 paint pots, 2.5-ounce bottle of paint base, 75 color strips, 10 sheets of paper, 15 paint pot labels, color mixing guide, and paintbrush.


If you have not taken the time to be a kid again, now is the time!!

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