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Well as many of you, as Christmas closes we do what all natural human beings do....we start working on our next year's Christmas lists. And at the top of my next year list is a 3D Printer. However I am excited to say that I did get a chance to work with another form of plastic this past week. Polly Plastics Moldable Plastic and Color Pellet Kit.

The Plastics Moldable Plastic and Color Pellet Kit gives you a world of potential in the palm of your hand, literally. You finally have the ability to make custom plastic pieces of art for any occasion and in any color including gold and silver and your can create any color! Create with color!

This Kit contains 10 oz of the moldable pellets plus 7 colors (blue, black, white, red, yellow, gold and silver). This is a great way to experience this amazing product and create any different colors you want. Look at all the different color combinations you can create!!

Plus the colors are colorants that are made in the USA. They do not purchase or produce any of their products in China or India. Enough of each color is included to easily color the entire 10oz of jar or more. You will easily find yourself buying more Clear Pellets before you need to buy the color pellets again. 

Now at first I figured this system would be tough to grasp, I mean you are molding plastic. However, included with you set is an Idea & Instruction Book that includes 12 colored pages on how to mix,make and mold your designs. The concept is fairly easy and after my first batch I was up and running with my second, third and fourth batch in no time! 

This system is easy to use. Melt the moldable plastic pellets with hot water at 150 degrees and wait for the white pellets to turn clear. They will clump together into the center. Sometimes I had to give them the courage to do this by moving them with a spoon. Once they have clumped together you can remove them from the heat and start molding, adding color and just having fun with it! 

This first thing I used them for was to make lego men using my Lego Silicon Baking Tray. Once I removed the clear pellets from the heat I followed the color instructions and added 5  yellow pellets and started to micx this together. Now during the mixture phase, my plastic started to harden too quickly. That is okay, simply put it back into the hot water to soften again and remove to start mixing again. Once the color has been evenly distributed through, place the plastic into the mold and let set up. You can speed this process up by placing into a cold environment. 

I followed the same process with the Han Solo Mold, except this time I used 10 silver color pellets. With this system you can make, mend & modify. Use it for crafts, art projects, home repair, model making, prototype, and so much more. No need for extruders, molds or epoxy systems. Everything you need is in this kit, except your imagination!

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