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Recently Cricut released high end Cricut and Totes to the crafting communities. Now these are not your average Totes that you have seen at crops. These new premium Crafting Bags provides organization and storage for all your Supplies at home or on the go. At first my excitement for these new Totes were non-existent. However, once I took a closer look at the quality and possibilities, my interest in reviewing them quickly changed!

These ARE NOT your average Totes that you have come to know over the years. Once I received these Totes and unpacked them, I could instantly tell the amount of time and research these went through. These are WELL worth the money and you will not be disappointed with your purchase. Now, with that said, I understand these are an investment at their current cost. So, It was important that I show you in this review WHY these Totes are worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY!

I have to say, NOTHING is worse than packing up literally half of my Craft Room for this video, and then NOT going to a crop. Now that you have seen this video let's break down each of the components of this system. Please keep in mind you can purchase all three of this system separate. However, you will get a discount by purchasing them as a bundle. PLUS you can stack you discount to really maximize your discounts! Cricut Standard or Premium Access gets 10% off. Plus you can get an additional 10% if you are a Cricut Circle Member.


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Cost: 199.99
Access Discount: 179.10
Circle Discount: 161.19
After KK15 Discount: $137.01
Plus Free Shipping When KK15 Discount Is Used

The Rolling Tote is by far my favorite piece in the Totes collection. The Rolling Tote exudes high quality. From sturdy foundation to the 360 degree wheels, Cricut did not use cheap materials. I have used many Rolling Totes through out the years and I am always modifying them to fit my needs. Not with this Rolling Tote. They have multiple compartments, tons of pockets and even two detachable storage compartments. It is specially designed to hold your Cuttlebug, Compute, Iron-On, Vinyl and Cricut Mats. The Rolling Tote features Rolling Tote that will roll in any direction. The front panel features two zippers that allow you to really take advantage of access to your crafting goods. Tucked away is the hidden strap that allows you to fully open your Rolling Tote. When you are done, the magnetic panel secures all of your crafty goodness as you roll away. As I mentioned earlier the Rolling Tote is sturdy and can hold a ton of crafty supplies. Now with sturdiness comes extra weight. When I had this puppy full, it was heavy. However, the 360 degree multi functional wheels and handle takes away the heavy burden to allow any used to transport them. 

Cost: 129.99
Access Discount: 116.99
Circle Discount: 105.29
After KK15 Discount: $89.49
Plus Free Shipping When KK15 Discount Is Used

The Machine Tote was specifically designed for your Cricut Explore Machine. What really impressed me on the Machine Tote was the interior. When you open the Machine Tote you will not high quality foam that lines the entire tote. This padding fits the  Cricut Explore Machine like a glove, while your cords are tucked away under the machine. Organized and dependable is really the ultimate combination. With a elastic strap on the back of the Machine Tote, the tote was designed to stack perfectly with the Rolling Tote. It features two side pockets perfect to store your Cricut Pens or tools. If you purchase the Machine Tote on it's own,  you have a nice double-snap handle or strap to carry it to all of your crops! 

Cost: 99.99
Access Discount: 89.99
Circle Discount: 80.99
After KK15 Discount: $68.84
Plus Free Shipping When KK15 Discount Is Used

The Shoulder Bag was thoughtfully designed for mobility and really handles your electronics well. It is funny, since I utilized the computer sleeve in the Rolling Tote, during my YouTube Review I did not even think of using this for my computer. However, it was designed with that purpose in mind. The padded section inside perfectly fits your laptop or tablet with the cords needed to run you devices. Now, for me I saw the 12X12 size and instantly thought of stamp and paper storage. Even though the Shoulder Bag looks small, I was able to store a ton of craft items for a potential crop. I fell in love with the details of the zipper pulls, featuring the cricut logo in nice sturdy chrome. On the back of the  Shoulder Bag you will see a opening that allows the  Shoulder Bag to perfectly slide onto the Rolling Tote and/or the Machine Tote.

I was shocked how much these Totes could store. When filming I kept looking for more stuff as I kept finding more space. These are IDEAL for people going to crops that want to bring literally their entire craft room! An image speaks a THOUSAND words, and this image really does show the mass amount of craft items I was able to fit into the entire system:

I am glad I gave these Totes a second glance as I was pleasantly surprised. Now, I already know what people are thinking. I LOVE these Totes, however the cost is scaring me away. I totally get that and so does Cricut. That is why they introduced a bundle price for the two main components of the system at a savings to you!

Cost: 299.98
Access Discount: 269.98
Circle Discount: 242.98
After KK15 Discount: $206.53
Plus Free Shipping When KK15 Discount Is Used

I really do believe you get what you pay for and @ 206.53, you are getting a steal. These remind me more of luggage, versus a tote. These totes are a dream and a solution to what most people hate about crops. The fact that you can not take everything with you! Well, maybe now you can!

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