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One of my MUST have tools in my craft room is the Scotch ATG adhesive glider. In fact, I am shocked more people do not use this tool on a regular base. Well, recently at a craft retreat I might have found out one of the main reasons people stay away from this tool. When I was at this retreat, it became my part time job refilling the rolls into the machine, and then giving a personal tutorial on how to use it. It was obvious, people just were intimidated over it. And, to be honest I can see why! It does not come with very clear instructions on how to use this tool, let alone refill the Tape Rolls when the time came. So today I am happy to help you with both!

As I said earlier, I am in love with this Scotch ATG and I highly recommend it to anyone! This is a sturdy little tool and will tackle any job you throw at it. One of my biggest frustrations when it comes to adhesive is the low tack. Nothing is worse than finishing a project and giving it to someone and it falls apart months or even days after making it. Not with the  Scotch ATG! This glider is great for card makers, scrapbookers, paper projects, crafts and it is PERMANENT. The package contains the Advance Tape Glider applicator and two rolls of of ACID FREE 1/4th " X 36 Feet Tape Rolls. You can check out the current price of the Scotch ATG by CLICKING HERE.

Of course with everything, the Scotch ATG has a few drawbacks for consumers. At first the Scotch ATG is large and for small hands can be hard to handle until you are used to using it. Some people also state that it takes some time to get used to the pressure needed for the tape to properly stick to your project. However, the #1 thing I have heard from people is the frustrations on how to reload the Tape Rolls. So, I wanted to show people how easy this can be in the following video!

If this video DID NOT clear up any questions for you, I highly recommend going to the Amazon Questions and Answers Page on this product. You can find this page by CLICKING HERE

Now, if you are like me you will want to research other buyers reviews before making this purchase. It is important to note that currently this has a 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon with 581 current reviews. You can read all reviews from Good to Bad by CLICKING HERE. I personally think you will love this amazing product once you get it in your hands! Hopefully this video also helped any of you struggling with refilling it as well!!

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