In August of 2017, I was fortunate to attend the "Make Something You Love" event in Utah. At this event, Cricut announced some new products coming to the DIY movement. The BIG announcement was the introduction of the NEW Cricut Maker. However, in the shadows was another product that would challenge everything we ever knew about household irons, bulky heat press and pressure. You see in the shadows of the Cricut Maker was a product that I knew would have the power to finally attract Silhouette Fans over to Cricut. Say hello to the Cricut EasyPress. In today's post, we will help you answer some of the questions I know you are already thinking of. Find out the answers after the jump.....

The Cricut EasyPress is one of the hottest tools to hit the DIY space, especially for crafters who have made Heat Transfer Vinyl (Sometimes Referred To As Iron-On) a major part of their day to day operations. Below you will see my YouTube unboxing, review and tips video. After watching the video, keep scrolling through this post for a more in-depth review. PLUS scroll to the bottom for a chance to WIN a Cricut EasyPress!

Now, I already know the questions you are asking.  How does this work without pressure? Is this an over-priced iron? Will this work with all of the materials I currently use? And of course, Can this perform as well as a heat press? You know why I know these are the questions. Because I was just as skeptical and questioned EVERYTHING as they announced the product at the event. I have now owned the Cricut EasyPress for 6 months and had plenty of time to run it through tons of test. So, now let's dive right into the review and hopefully answer some of those questions!

Before owning my Cricut EasyPress, I was a happily married man to my Heat Press. And at first glance, I would have never imagined that the Cricut EasyPress would be the driving force in my Heat Press divorce. So why did I leave my Heat Press? Let's take a peek at everything:

The Cricut EasyPress comes in at a cost of $149 and at times can be hard to find due to the current demand. The claims of the Cricut EasyPress is as follows:

Get professional iron-on results in 60 seconds or less. An evenly heated plate and simple controls make EasyPress™ the foolproof way to get flawless transfers that really last. 

● Easy to learn, simple to use 

● No press cloth needed for most base materials 

● Adjustable heat up to 350℉ (180 C) 

● Intricate transfers stick after repeated washes 

● 9"x9" Base is great for large or layered iron-on projects 

● Lightweight, portable, easy to store 

● Compatible with major brand of heat-transfer material

● WARNING: Requires maximum input 120V outlet. Not recommended for use outside North America. 
Upon receiving my Cricut EasyPress I was eager to dive right in! The product is packaged in a way to assist the user with their first project.

In the Cricut EasyPress you will find the Cricut EasyPress, Safety Base, Quick Reference Chart, Welcome Booklet, Practice Materials and Warranty information. The EasyPress is what I consider a plug and play product and follow the simple instructions will have you making your first project in 60 seconds or less. With that said, you WILL NOT find a pressing mat inside the box. At the debut event Cricut also released a Cricut EasyPress Mat. However, after additional testing, this product never made it to market. With this said I highly recommend purchasing a Heat Press mat to use with your Cricut EasyPressClick Here to purchase the one I am currently using at a cost that is affordable. 

For crafters with small workspaces, the Cricut EasyPress is a dream come true. It comes in at only 5 pounds, compared to my Heat Press which is 10X the weight at 51 pounds. The EasyPress can easily be tucked away in a cupboard, shelf, drawer or anywhere out of sight. Plus crafters can no make projects while on the road! Due to the compact size of the EasyPress, users can easily take it to crops, events, shows, workshops, friends houses and pretty much anywhere you can imagine!

The Cricut EasyPress was designed around simplicity that performs. The EasyPress might only weigh 5 pounds, but that is actually more than enough weight to iron on most materials in 60 seconds or less. The EasyPress delivers a consistent temperature across the 9X9 ceramic plate. Compared to a traditional home iron you can see the vast differences in temperature control. The whole design of the EasyPress is centered around ease of use:

Set-up of the EasyPress cannot be simpler. Plug the EasyPress into an electrical outlet with the 6-foot cord. Put the EasyPress into the grey protective base and set your EasyPress temperature and time based on the recommended settings which can be found by Clicking Here. And wait for your EasyPress to heat up. Of course, you will not have to wait very long. True Story! I timed the Cricut EasyPress vs my Heat Press. And I was shocked at the results. My Cricut EasyPress heated up in 2 minutes and 43 seconds while the Heat Press took over 10 minutes to reach the required settings. 


The Cricut EasyPress is ready to go into action. Using the Cricut EasyPress is simple and contrary to popular belief does not take much pressure to get the job done. Follow these Simple Instructions to make your first press. The big thing here is to make sure you start your timer by pressing the Little C button. I missed this with my first few projects. When applying pressure I found these tips helpful:

  • Firm pressure means to press down with two hands and 15-20 lbs of body weight
  • Gentle pressure means one hand with 5-10 pounds of body weight
  • MAKE SURE your table you are using is waist high to help with applying pressure
  • You want a FIRM & FLAT surface for your foundation
  • GREAT EXAMPLES: craft table, kitchen table, wood table, butcher block, marble board
  • Make sure the mat you use is  heat resistant, have good insulation properties & wick moisture
  • GOOD EXAMPLES: fluffy cotton bath towel with even textures, folded so it is 3" thick

Of course, everything that has led up to this means nothing if our results do not last. Since owning the Cricut EasyPress I washed my creations numerous times without fail. I have not kept track, however, one individual did. Lorrie Nunemaker was just as skeptical of the Cricut EasyPress as I was. However, like me, she has conducted numerous tests. One I would like to draw your attention to was her results of using a Cricut EasyPress vs her Heat Press.  So what were the results? CLICK HERE to see her results!


The Cricut EasyPress was designed around simplicity. Iron-On in 60 seconds or less. Get simple, professional iron on results that last and last and will last. With the 9X9 surface, simple controls and thoughtful safety features, the Cricut EasyPress will make you wonder how you ever used an old iron. Unlike an iron, you will receive pro-level performance, home-friendly design.  The more than adequate ceramic coated 9X9 inch heat plate delivers the EXACT temperature you need, which gives you the speed that you would normally expect from a Heat Press. The  EasyPress features a big handle, safety base and auto shut off keeping things (and arms) safe every step of the way! 

Good-bye Heat Press. We had a good 4 years, however, I will not miss the burns on my arms. 


Well, I hope you enjoyed this personal look at the NEW Cricut EasyPress ! 
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