HAPPY HALLOWEEN in JULY??? Well i will be honest I made this last year for my house. I LOVE shadowboxes and all the things you can create with them and if you watch your local Joann's, you can find them at 60% off normal price. That is when I buy all of my shadow boxes for the year. Halloween is by far my favorite Holiday besides Christmas! I wanted to make some decor for my house at halloween time. I found this paper at Hobby Lobby and I L-O-V-E-D it. So here is a breakdown of all 3!

Spider Green Background

I used two different cartridges to make this one. The spiders came from Happy Hauntings and the spider web came from Mini Monsters. I made different sizes for each spider and then I raised each of them with foam squares. the middle spider had 3 foam squares stacked on each other to make him the highest raised. The medium had 2 and the small spider and web had one. 

Cartridges Used:


Cricut Cartridge Happy Hauntings - page 54/keypad button 27

Spider Web: 

Cricut Cartridge Mini Monsters - page 74

Bats Orange Background: 

The same concept that I used with the spiders I applied here. The paper i used already had some of the bats flying so all i had to do here was make some more and raise them up with foam squares. I also added the spooky tree to fill up some of the space. I made started the bats small and went up in size each time by .5 of an inch. I used the same idea for the foam squares starting the larger off with four foam squares and then worked down to one. I also raised the tree using foam squares. 

Cartridges Used:


Cricut Cartridge Happy Hauntings - page 48/keypad button 21

Spooky Tree: 

Cricut Cartridge Happy Hauntings - page 67/keypad button 40

Halloween Black Background:

This one was super easy to design, but a pain to apply. I used the word collage on this one by printing it on printable vinyl and then using a transfer sheet to get it on the glass. Sounds easy, but can be very tedious and time consuming since you have to peel all the stuff you do not want on the glass off the printable vinyl and then use a transfer sheet to put it on the glass making sure it is even and straight. After i did get it on the glass to my satisfaction I used different markers, glitter glue and inks to color all the words using the colors that would tie in from my other two shadow boxes (green, white, orange and silver)

Cartridges Used: 

Happy Halloween: 

Cricut Cartridge Word Collage


Spiders & Bats

Ken's Kreations


  1. Love your shadowboxes!!! I just ordered Frightful Affair-- maybe that is the first thing to do with that cart!!

  2. Those look great!! You did a fantastic job!! I too love shadow boxes, I am going to have to start checking J's for them now, thanks for sharing!

  3. These are wonderful. TFS.
    Hey Ken the new cart A Frightful Affair is just up your alley.
    I got it the other day and haven't had a chance to cut anything yet but I looked all through the handbook. Great cuts in there.

  4. Love your Halloween shadowboxes!


  5. Love the Shadow boxes!! Great job.


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