Okay...First of all thank you to everyone for the nice messages regarding Sean. He is doing much better, with the help of his new friend Hydrocodone. The messages were very nice and he loved the fact that he has all of these ladies supporting him that he has never met! Anyways onto the goods. I was so sad to miss the blog hop, since i was so excited about my "Kreation". So here is what I made:


So here is what I did. You start with buying a 24 min cupcake pan at Joann's:

Go to any Dollar store and buy the candy that comes in a mesh bag. They have to be pretty small to fit into the cupcake pans. Put one candy in each cupcake spot:

Now we need to create the squares that are going to hide the candy. I used a basic square cut that came standard on the Imagine and I cut the square at 2.5. I used three colors for this:

Now once these are cut you need to create a magnet backing so they will stick to the cupcake pan. You have many ways you can do this, but i went for the easiest and less messy way of using my Xyron 510 with the laminate/magnet backing:

Once you have ran all of your squares through the Xyron you will need to trim off the extra material from each of the squares:

Once done you should have something that looks like this:

Now here is where you can create and make this project your own. I decided to go with my Making Memories Slice using the Tis' The Season and Mistletoe collection. These were all cut at 2" and then i added a variety of foam squares, stickles glue, I-Rock, cotton and paint to give each design a little something special:

We need to now glue the items onto your magnet squares. After this I create the numbers to countdown the calendar from 24-1. I used my Santa for the last square since once that days comes it is only one more sleep till Christmas. I used the Candi's embellishments in silver and gold and a black marker to write the numbers :

We have to now get the calendar ready for hanging. I used a drill to make the holes and then used red wire to hang the item:

And that is it. You have a fun homemade Advent Calendar for the kid in all of us. Find your perfect spot to hang it and wait until December 1st. Then remove each square and get the candy inside:

Thanks for looking and THANKS for waiting for me to post this late. I really do love all of you!!!

Happy Countdown!!

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