Well over the last week i had a couple of Birthdays in my family. I am so excited to make cards now since I have my Silhouette Cameo since I am no longer bound by cartridges. Do not get me wrong, I still LOVE my cricut, but at times you cannot compare to the Cameo for certain projects. Like this one!

So my niece likes something called "Homestuck". What is it? I have no idea!! But i know she loves these little trolls and I knew I wanted to make her birthday card featuring them. So here it is. I downloaded the file from google images and then imported them into my Silhouette Cameo and traced and detached and cut them. She loved it! I still have no idea who they are....but they are cute little bug-gars
Here is a close up of my favorite character. 

And the inside of her card that features one last troll. I love how colorful it is and even though I have ZERO idea who they are.....I feel so much closer to them!

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  1. Homestuck is an amazing webcomic by Andrew Hussie and its worth a read...but I do like your card design and I would really love to do that for my inventions.


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