Well as my nieces and nephews grow older it is getting harder and harder to create them cards. I am running out of ideas.....BUT WAIT.......I can stalk their Facebook pages and see what they have "liked" and it will give me the inside track of what to do for their birthday card. And that is EXACTLY what I did.

I found out my niece is a huge fan of Sailor Moon. What is that? Yeah...I have no idea. But upon research I found out it is a pretty darn big thing. So I was off to create a Birthday card. This card features the outside of the card and the inside of the card. Let's look at the Outside of the card first.

So for the outside I found the perfect file of the main character from Sailor Moon and I wanted to find some art of her sitting so I could put her atop my sentiment. I found this file on Yahoo Images and imported it into my Silhouette Software and using the trace feature I cut her out. This is the number one thing I use my cameo for and I L-O-V-E it. I then took some glitter glue for her hair. I looked up Sailor Moon on and found that she had an oath of protection. I took this using the closest font to Sailor Moon and typed it out. Then using my Silhouette software I traced a box around it and then offset that box at .25" and cut the boxes in coordinating colors. I found some yellow stars and using the same glitter glue I gave them some sparkle. I raised up the sentiment and Sailor Moon using some foam squares. 

For the inside, I used the same colors and font. After the long sentiment oath on the outside I wanted to end on a funny note, which is why it says "or we could just wish you a happy birthday." I once again typed the font using my Silhouette Software and then using the offset feature I made a nice shadow for the Happy Birthday. I used the same yellow glitter glue for the little stars along the Happy Birthday. She LOVED it and I had a blast making it for her. 

I cannot express enough how much the Silhouette Cameo opened doors for my creativity. I love the fact that I can create anything to cater to anyone. This machine is life-changing!


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