Well if you have followed my blog over the past year, you have probably seen this title guy in a lot of my post. About a year ago my life changed forever and I welcomed a new little guy into my life. My best friend had a little baby boy, which I now refer to as my "Little Monkey". Well even though I am not his blood relative, that has never stopped my best friend Ali from treating me any differently. So I love him just as I do all my nieces and nephews. So when she asked me to help her create his first birthday invites, I jumped at the chance to help with this great memory! So she came up with a basic idea, and I came with my Silhouette Cameo and together we created this:

So these are 5 X 7 invites. They are not cards, just a front and back. The theme of the party is a construction theme, with the slogan of "Dump Everything". Ali dressed Alex in his construction outfit and took the picture in front of a brick fireplace. We took the SD card to Walmart and printed off the wallet size. I find this is much easier and cheaper than using my printer and ink at home. I try to reserve my printer ink fro my Silhouette Cameo. Once we picked up the wallet sized photos we trimmed the 80 lb black paper down to 5X7 size. Using my AGT gun I affixed the photo in the upper left hand corner reserving enough space for the road lanes. 
The next thing I did was design the elements I need for the card. All of the elements I used on the invite are found in the Silhouette Online Store. Here are the links for the items:

Here is the link for the font that I used for the "1" and the "DUMP EVERYTHING" on the construction sign. It is a free font that can be loaded into the Silhouette Software:

Here is a video of how all of the pieces were created in the Silhouette Designer Edition Software:

Now that we have created and cut all of our pieces we are able to construct the rest of the invites. Here is the supplies that you will need to create these invites:

The next thing I needed to do was to get the 3D foam stickers on the back of the elements that will be used to raise the elements from the invite. The main reason I wanted to raise these items was because I wanted the cone showing his age in the back of the dump truck, and by putting the dump truck on 3D foam squares it makes the truck have some dimensions to the cone. Then to even out the rest of the card I decided to use 3D foam squares on other elements in the invite. The only item to not get the foam squares was the construction cone, which i affixed to the invite using my AGT gun. Here is where i positioned the foam squares:
It is very important to leave room for your construction cone on your dump truck. I position the construction cone last, because i wanted the angel to match up with the construction sign. Because of this, make sure you leave enough room for the construction cone. 
Here is where i positioned all of the separate elements of the birthday invite. I want to point out that I positioned the construction cone last, since I wanted the angle of the cone to match up with the angle of the Construction sign. Here is a picture of the side showing the 3D foam squares raised up from the invite. 

So the focus turns to the back now, Here is where all the details of the party are. I have edited this photo a little as to not give out personal information. This gives you an idea of what language was used on the actual invite. 

Now the time has come for the final touch. We need to put the road paint line border on the front of the card. I used basic yellow puffy pain for this. My friend Ali has a steady hand so she spear headed this task project on all 20 invites. She did an amazing job on making sure they were straight and uniform!!

Well I hope you have enjoyed "dumping Everything" while you watched to see how these invites were made. My Alex, "Little Monkey" was worth every minute spent on them. He is so special to him and hopeful he will look back on these invites someday and see how special he really is! 

Thanks for looking today and come back soon and see what other Kreations i come up with!!

Ken's Kreations

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