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Well HSN craft week came and went and I know a ton of you are getting "Happy Mail" right now. Well recently I just got some of my own "Happy Mail". While many of you picked up the Wild Orchid Cricut Explore, I had my eyes on something else. You see about a year ago I had the ColorArtz Spray Paint System. To say the least I was not a big fan of this system as it used canned air and paint pouches that left a BIG MESS. So during HSN craft week they featured a new paint system called the Craftwell eBrush System

This system used your everyday markers, a airbrush, compresseor and marker attachments to vibe your projects an airbrush look. Here is what HSN had to say about this system:

Craftwell eBrush Airbrush System with Accessories 
Airbrushed art has such a distinct look. Now you can get that look easily with this system that turns markers into spray art. Decorate apparel, personalize pillows and create beautiful works of art from blank walls.  

What You Get 
  • eBrush airbrush 
  • Compressor 
  • Plastic marker adapter 
  • 3 Spectrum Noir markers 
  • Power cord 
  • Instructions 
  • Manufacturer's 1-year warranty on airbrush system; 30 days on rechargeable battery and adapters

Well I knew I had to have this new craft tool and I wanted to post a review of it on my YouTube Channel. So in this video I unbox this goodness, show you what you get, give you some tips, spray some test sprays and end with my final thoughts.

Also if you are having problems with your gun spraying make sure to check out this playlist on how to properly align your markers:

So as you can see this craft tool might come in handy for many of your craft rooms. I am still a little concerned with the price point compared to other traditional airbrush systems on the market. For more information on common questions CLICK HERE. I really hope the company brings more marker adapters to the consumer as this is a HUGE negative for me as I can not currently used half of my markers. I would also like them to make attachments for more reasonably priced markers such as Crayola. For right now the Craftwell eBrush System seems to be a good tool for me and my craft room so I will be keeping this and see what Kreations I can come up with next!!

Thanks for taking a look at my video and review. Take a look below for all the shopping links for this amazing new tool!!!

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