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So Christmas is a tricky time for year for me and my blog. You see I have a lot of Christmas projects that I make and give to my family. Well you see one of my brothers is a die hard supporter of Ken's Kreations. As amazing as this is, he sadly always see's his cards or gifts posted here before he gets them. Well this is no exception, Russ.....Merry Christmas! LOL!!!
Every year I make a themed Christmas project for my family. Last year I made Christmas Frames (Click Here For The Post). Well this year the theme is based around glass christmas ornaments. My brother is a HUGE M&M's fan, so naturally I wanted to make him some M&M glass ornaments:

These ornaments were so simple to make. First you start off with Clear Glass Disc Ornament. This most resemble the size of an M&M. You take the cap of the ornaments and squeeze the acrylic pain into the top of the ornament. Simple rotate the Clear Glass Disc Ornament until the paint coats all of the inside of the ornaments. Then flip the Clear Glass Disc Ornament upside down onto a white piece of paper to let the excess paint run out of the Clear Glass Disc Ornament. This will usually take over night. Make sure to rotate the Clear Glass Disc Ornament every 15 minutes for the first hour so the ornament does not dry to the sheet of paper. 

To Make the M&M ornaments and face you will need the following items:


Once you have all of you shopping items the actually ornaments are super easy to out together!! The SVG file will need to uploaded as a Vector file in Design Space. The image will need to be ungrouped and then draw a box around each individual M&M and group them separately. For my Clear Glass Disc Ornament the best size was a height of 2.75. You will want to make sure you group and attach each layer depending on the color of vinyl used (i.e.: black eyes with mouth, white eyes with M) This will make layering much easier. Make sure to clean the ornament off with windex before applying any vinyl and use Transfer Tape to apply each layer.

*You could also cut everything independently and just layer it using your own judgment*

 Lets take a look at each one to see which face I used and the supplies needed:

For the Red M&M you will need Red PaintBlack Vinyl and White Vinyl. I went with the classic Red M&M face for this ornament:
For the Orange M&M you will need Orange PaintBlack VinylWhite Vinyl and Red Vinyl for his tongue. The Orange M&M is the pretzel M&M and this faced seemed to match his fun personality in the commercials:
For the Yellow M&M you will need Yellow PaintBlack Vinyl and White Vinyl. I love the Yellow M&M peanut character and his fun little smile, so naturally i used the classic Yellow M&M face. 
For the Green M&M you will need Green PaintBlack VinylWhite Vinyl and Green Vinyl for her lips. Naturally since this was the only SVG out of the characters that had lips and eye lashes, they belonged to the sassy Green M&M girl. 
For the Blue M&M you will need Blue PaintBlack VinylWhite Vinyl and Red Vinyl for his tongue. Now the Blue M&M was originally the crispy M&M character and he has a strong resemblance to the Yellow Peanut M&M, however the M&M SVG only had 4 faces. So I took the eyes from the Yellow M&M and the mouth from the Orange M&M and mirrored it in Design Space. This way it gave it a completely different look for his face.

Sadly one of my favorite M&M characters was missing form this SVG set....Ms. Brown. I tried to find a clean SVG for her or try to make one of these work, however with her distinctive glasses I could not seem to either find one or reproduce her. Maybe before Christmas I will have some luck as my set is missing the Brains!

Well I hope you enjoyed this Kreation, especially you Russ (Ken's Brother who is reading this now and getting a sneak peek of his stocking stuffer). Thanks for taking a look at today's project and make sure to check out the shopping list below. Any purchases from the links below help support Ken's Kreations!!


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  1. Do you have a video on how to do these ornaments on the cricut machine? I'm not following the ungrouping and attaching.I'm a newbie...sorry. Looking for help:(

  2. Hi. I am also looking for help. How do we get the svg into design space and i am lost with the rest of it too. I am new to this. Thank you

  3. Why is the link missing the blue M&M?

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  5. Hello. I loved these little m&m ornaments and your tutorial is great. I have both a cricut explore and a brother scan & cut so working with svg files isn't a problem. I just want to know where to buy or get them? The link in your tutorial doesn't work. Thank you.


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