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So over the last few days I have shared with you the series of christmas ornaments I am making for my family. both of my brothers got a set of ornaments to adorn their tree. We had the M&M Ornaments and of course the Star Wars Ornaments. Well I have one family member to make ornaments for and that is my dad. You might remember that I made a Star Trek Room Sign for him to go in his Star Trek themed room, so naturally I made him some Star Trek ornaments:

I did this ornaments the same way I did the Star Wars Ornaments. The technique used is what I call the "Mop N Glo" technique. To do this ornaments you will need a few supplies:

Supply List:
Mop N Glo ( I used the basic one step solution see below in the photo)
Disc Ornaments ( these work better for me to apply vinyl)
Fine Glitter - Green, Gold, White and Black ( I used silhouette brand as they have 3 different sets)
Blue Fine Glitter (Ranger Glitter)
Cricut Printable Vinyl - I did not want to spend that long layering vinyl as I did with the M&M's
Cricut Explore Machine -  Print Then Cut feature

You will start with the Mop N Glo. Pour about 2 tablespoons into the ornament and make sure all sides of the ornament are coated. Try not to shake as this will form bubbles in the solution and can create a headache. Once all sides of the ornament have been coated you will want to pour out the remainder of the solution into the bottle in a circle motion. This way it will insure the coating of the ornament stem as well. If you just pour out the solution on one side you will not have glitter attached to all of the spout of the ornament. Make sure to use a funnel and pour Fine Glitter into the ornament. Make sure to coat all side of the ornament and when finished you can pour the extra out of the ornament and reuse if it is not clumpy. Let the Disc Ornaments dry for about 2 hours. I had my dry overnight to be on the safe side.

After the Disc Ornaments have completely dried you can now turn to the design of the ornament. I used standard Windex to make sure the ornaments were nice and clean. I used my Cricut Explore Machine Print Then Cut feature to print out these Star Trek characters and logos on Cricut Printable Vinyl. I made sure to pick out my Dads favorite Star Trek characters and made sure on the back of each of the ornaments was the Star Trek communicator. Here is all of the ornaments below:






Well peeps this finishes up my Christmas Ornaments for my family, however you never know what my next Kreation will be. Thanks fro looking and make sure to look at the supply list and Close To My Heart below. Buying from any of these links will help support Ken's Kreations and with that support I can keep delivering videos and projects!!


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