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Well as many of you are aware Silhouette America has released a new cutting machine called the Silhouette Curio.  As with many of you I was very excited to what this machine was capable and how it would perform. Below you will see my unboxing and review of this machine





Now I received this machine on August 22nd, 2015 and am just now posting this video. WHY? This machine in my opinion is not user friendly and did not achieved the result i expected in the slightest. According to the Silhouette Website this machine will:

The problem with the machine is you are only able to emboss right out of the box. Anything else will require you to pay for more merchandise to use your machine to the fullest. So in the review I only reviewed the embossing since that is what came with the machine. You will see in the video  the Silhouette Curio does deliver on it's promise that it does emboss onto your material. However my results were not spectacular. In fact this video lead me to many different frustrations with this machine:

1) The machine has the same cutting force as the Silhouette Cameo
2) You will be able to use materials up to 5mm to draw or etch on...NOT CUT.
3) The Silhouette Software upgrade made the software MORE confusing 
4) The fine embossing tip give a much deeper emboss than the wide embossing tip
5) The emboss feature mirrors your image which does not line up on the actual Silhouette Curio mat
6) Lack of instruction in owner's manual

Now I was not the only blogger to notice these frustrating hiccups on the Silhouette Curio. I researched many different blogs to see if maybe my tests were user errors and I invite you to read Silhouette's School's First Impressions of this machine. It appears the same thing I noted in my video are also noted on her blog. 

While it might take a while to get used to the new software and the Silhouette Curio machine I was left frustrated with the user experience on this machine. I am also not impressed that this machine is advertised as a companion to the Silhouette Cameo, as many people cannot afford to purchase the Silhouette Cameo,  Silhouette Curio and all the extra tools that the Silhouette Curio will require to get it to perform up to the expectations set by Silhouette. (Cost of $700)

Also when compared to the traditional look of embossing I was a little surprised that this machine did not deliver better results. 

Here is what the Silhouette Curio is capable of:

Compared to a traditional look of embossing using the Cricut Cuttlebug

The results are similar, but the price is not. The Silhouette Curio coming in at 249.99 and the Cricut Cuttlebug at 49.99. 

I had big expectation for the Silhouette Curio but the complicated software and underwhelming results left me just disappointed a bit. Hopefully with more updates and training with this machine I can use it more to the full potential that silhouette has promised us. For now I will continue to use my Silhouette Cameo with third party embossing, etching and stippling tools that have given me better results. 

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