Hey Everyone! Ken here with Ken's Kreations. As many of you know I am a huge Keurig Fan, so when I heard news of the NEW Keurig Kold I was more than excited to rush out and purchase this new machine! Now that I have been able to use this system for a few days, I am able to give you a few insights!

Now, first let me say, I owned the SodaStream, and was not fun. Don't get me wrong, the SodaStream had some amazing benefits to the machine, which we will cover later in this review. However, I was annoyed by the C02 tanks and the process of refilling them, thus leading to the SodaStream demise in my house. So you can imagine my excitement when the Keurig Kold was announced with the promise of perfectly cold carbonated beverages served in 90 seconds with NO C02 tank! Well lets take a look at my review video where we unbox, review and taste test with the new Keurig Kold.

So to be honest, I am really torn over the Keurig Kold machine. WHY? 

To be honest the machine delivers on the 3 promises Keurig originally stated:

1) Chilled Drinks Without The Use Of Ice Cubes
2) Make Carbonated Beverages Without a C02 Canister
3) Make Perfectly Portioned 8 oz. Beverages


I was shocked on how well the  Keurig Kold delivered. The beverages I made were cold, crisp, carbonated and as easy as "pushing a button". This was a welcomed difference form my previous SodaStream experience which most of the time was very frustrating. I hated dealing with the C02 tanks, the messy syrup and all the fuss into making the beverage.  So how does Keurig ensure you get a perfect beverage each time? The magic lies in the optimal chilling unit built into the machine and the introduction of the new Keurig Kold pods with the Innovated Karbonator Beads mixed with the original recipes of some of your favorite drinks in the marketplace. It is important to note that the Keurig Kold delivers the chilled water by incorporating a chilling unit into the machine. This is why the Keurig Kold is so large, in fact it is double the size of your Keurig 2.0 Machine. The machine itself is 25 LBS and takes up a HUGE footprint on your counter. The Keurig Kold has no on/off button and needs to be plugged in at all times for the cooling unit to provide a beverage at 39 degrees. This requires a 2 hours cooling period at the initial set-up and after each time the machine is unplugged for a certain amount of time. Since the Keurig Kold  is required to be plugged in at all times, it will consumer about the same energy as a mini refrigerator. 

Of course the Keurig Kold pod system has a HUGE advantage over the SodaStream. This system requires you to purchase and exchange C02 canisters and manually add your SodaSteam Syrup. The pods have this whole process inside of their pods:


The Keurig Kold machine is very simple to use. Choose a Pod, Insert Into The Machine and Press The Kold button:


Keurig Kold is a joint venture between Keurig and Coca-Cola. In fact, Coca-Cola also has a lot at stake in the success of the new Keurig Kold. The company owns a 16.8% stake in Keurig. Coke Fans can rejoice since the pods contain identical syrups that are found in your favorite Coca-Cola beverages. However, due to the fact that Coca-Cola is a joint owner of the Keurig Kold, Pepsi fans WILL NOT be able to enjoy any of their favorite beverages using the Keurig Kold machine. Now when it comes to the taste, I have to say that the Keurig Kold pods DELIVER. The taste of the coke beverages were almost identical their counter parts found on store shelves.


Now early I told you I was torn on the Keurig Kold, and it would seem up to this point I am over the moon with this machine. This all changes when you see the price. The Keurig Kold is a VERY expensive system. The Keurig Kold machine itself comes in at a cost of $369 which gives you the Keurig Kold and 2 Keurig Kold glasses. You DO NOT get any pods in your box to even test your machine out.

Since you do not get any pods in your Keurig Kold box, you will need to purchase these separately. Keurig has introduced a wide variety of beverages to use in the Keurig Kold, it's just going to cost you a pretty penny to purchase them. In fact the cost is 4.99 for a 4 pack of 8 ounce Keurig Kold pods (Total of 32 oz). Which in turns cost 1.25 per beverage or .16 per ounce, PLUS the cost of the machine ! Now compare that to a typical 12 pack of carbonated beverage which contains 12 ounces per can (Total of 144 oz) and comes in at a cost of an estimated 4.50 or .3 per ounce. 
To Sum That Up The Cost NOT INCLUDING The Machine 
Keurig Kold is 5 Times the Cost of the 12 Pack. 

This will be the single biggest deterrent for most consumers when looking to purchase the Keurig Kold.


Now lets take a look comparing the Keurig Kold to the SodaStream

1) Choose Your Keurig Kold Pod
2) Insert Into The Machine
3) Push The Keurig Kold button

1) Fill Bottle Up With Water
2) Insert Bottle Into Machine
3) Use C02 Canister To Manual Push Carbonation Into Water
4) Measure Syrup
5) Pour Syrup Into Bottle
6) Gently Turn Bottle To Mix Syrup Within The Water
7) Pour Over Ice

The Keurig Kold delivered consistent results versus the results I would get from the SodaStream. This was particularly noticeable with the taste of the beverages. Since the Keurig Kold partnered with Coca-Cola, the flavor is a home run compared to the SodaSteam Syrup copycats. The process for the  SodaStream is all based on the user making the beverage. The one advantage the SodaStream has over the Keurig Kold is customization. Since the Keurig Kold uses pods, the Karbonator Beads and syrup have been perfectly measured for an 8 oz. beverage. Due to this you are not able to do the following with your Keurig Kold:

1) Add/ Remove Carbonation
2) Add/Remove Syrup For Taste
3) Change Your Beverages Temperature

The SodaStream is a manual machine where the user is required to add both the carbonation and syrup. This gives the consumer the advantage to make the beverage custom to their taste needs. With the SodaStream you will be able to easily adjust the following:

1) Amount of Carbonation In Beverage
2) Amount of Syrup In Beverage
3) Use Whatever Temperature Of Water Desired

Not only does the SodaStream give the consumer customization, but it also gives the consumer a better deal. The SodaStream machine has a cost of $79 versus the Keurig Kold's cost of $369.

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