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Well, some of you may know that I have a severe addiction to anything Lego! I have been collecting Lego's forever and just last year I started the journey into the Modular Buildings. So when I had the opportunity to show everyone how to make Jolly Rancher Lego's & Mini Figures, well lets just say......EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!!!

These are super easy to make and your kids, family and well, even us adults will have fun with! These are perfect for a birthday party, lego fan or even for that person who is going to start building their first lego set! And really... who does not like the taste of Jolly Ranchers? So these are really easy to make and require one ingredient: Jolly Ranchers. So let's take a closer look at what you will need:

You will need some Lego Shaped silicone ice cube trays. I got mine on amazon and for all 3 was only 8.99! These are great as they can withstand high heat, require no clean up and you do not need to use any type of pam spray. 
You will also need:
- Your Favorite Flavors of Jolly Ranchers
Now keep in mind a Toaster Oven is not required as you can use your own home oven, but in my experience you are able to control the heat better in a Toaster Oven.  So now that we have the supplies lets make our cute sweet EDIBLE legos!

For for the Lego mini-figures all you need to do is take ONE Jolly Rancher unwrapped and nestle it into the body of each Lego Mini-Figure. Bake these at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes. You will want keep on eye on these little guys for a couple of reasons! 
1) Watch for big bubbles and use a toothpick to pop these as they appear.
2) Due to ovens some candy may melt before the 10 minute mark. Watch for excess bowling or candy turning brown too early.

Once the candy had melted and is evenly distributed in the mini-figure, remove from the Toaster Oven and let cool. Once your candy is completely cool, remove them from the silicone trays and serve them to your favorite lego fan! 

Now the Lego bricks are pretty much the same instructions as the mini-figures with one exception. Instead of ONE Jolly Rancher, you will use TWO Jolly Rancher's in your Lego Shaped molds. You can chose to either keep them all one color or, mix the colors as I have done to give them a fantastic look and taste! Follow the instructions above in the mini-figures! Once again just bake these Lego bricks at 350 degrees for 10 minutes! Cool! Enjoy! 

Now of course when you buy the Lego Shaped silicone ice cube trays think of all the other amazing things you could make! Jello shots, ice cubes, pudding pops, suckers, the list goes on! Even guitar shapes!

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