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Well Amazon Prime Day has come and gone and all we have left is memories. Well, that and a bunch of Reviews I need to do. One of the first products I purchased and tried out was the Polaroid Zip. This pocket-size printer was a solution that I have been looking for since buying the Canon Selphy, which after long time use left me disappointed. The Polaroid Zip appeared to be small, efficient, and exactly what I needed to print photos for my scrapbooks. 

So I have had some time to use and play with the Polaroid Zip, so I am happy to present to you my thoughts on this printer and if you should consider adding it to your life! (short answer - YES). 

Here is my Full Review & Tips on the Polaroid Zip. Below the video you will find some more information on the printer and where to buy it.

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What Is The Polaroid Zip?
What Colors Does The Polaroid Zip Come In?
What Come In The Box?
Close-Up Look Of The Printer
How To Load The Zink Paper?
How Do I Set-Up Bluetooth?
What Does The Device Manager In The App Do?
Is There A Way To Buy Paper From The App?
How To Take A Quick Photo And Print
Can I Print Larger Than 2X3 Images?
How To Edit A Photo Before Printing
What Is The Secret View Feature?
How To Make A Collage And Print It
Where Is The Polaroid Zip Manual?

The Polaroid Zip I found to be pretty amazing, with only a few complaints. The printer itself is very compact. It measures at just 2.9 inches X 4.7 inches X 0.9 inches and just weighs 6.6 ounces. Polaroid Zip prints directly from your mobile phone or tablet via Bluetooth or NVC technology via the Polaroid Zip App. You can download the free app at either Apple App Store or Google Play Store. You ARE NOT able to print directly from the phone in their native app, but that could be an update in the future.  One thing that was a little disappointing about the purchase is it lacks a plugin. You receive a USB cable to charge the device, but need to obtain your own USB port. Of course most people received these with their phones, so for many people this will not be an issue.
The Polaroid Zip will print out on 2X3 photos which are full color and smudge-proof. The photos have the option to remove a back layer which turns them into stickers. The photo paper features ZINK - Zero Ink technology. ZINK stands for Zero Ink, which is how the Polaroid Zip can be so compact. No need for an ink storage area. How does your photo get color? Well the magic is built into the papers. Take a look:
Here is how the official  ZINK - Zero Ink explains it:

The key to this process is the patented ZINK Paper®, an advanced composite material with cyan, yellow, and magenta dye crystals embedded inside and a protective polymer overcoat layer outside. Before printing, the embedded dye crystals are clear so ZINK Paper looks like regular white photo paper. The ZINK-enabled device uses heat to activate and colorize these crystals. The printing process is now radically simple. Just add paper®. The result is high-quality, full color, long-lasting, durable, and affordable images.

I basically just say it is magic! LOL! Now the only complaint I have here is the cost. Currently the cost for a 50 pack of Polaroid Zink Paper is right around $25, which is .50 per print. Plus you can only print one size 2X3. Now in the Polaroid Zip Phone App you will be able to print a larger photo by breaking it up into squares and printing it out on the 2X3 paper. CLICK HERE TO SEE

Polaroid also gives you the ability to set-up a recurring monthly Polaroid Zink Paper purchase. You DO NOT save any money compared to Amazon, however, you will get some Polaroid Zink Paper freebies. You can either set this up through the Polaroid Zip Phone App or by CLICKING HERE. Here are the different pack sizes and what freebies you will be entitled to:

When it comes to printing the photos you sill need to use the  Polaroid Zip Phone App as the printer is NOT able to print from the mobile devices native application. The Polaroid Zip Phone App is free and gives you some great features where you are able to do the following:

Quick Print:
Print photos off your mobile device and place them in the palm of your hand instantly without making any edits or changes.

Edit Print:
Edit your photos with this amazing feature. Zoom, crop, tint, and color your images for printing the perfect picture. Personalize your photos by adding messages, emojis, drawing, borders, animations, and much more.

Secret View: 
The Polaroid ZIP app can even keep a secret. Create customized photos with hidden messages embedded in a personalized QR code. Share your secret messages only with the people you want.

Split your photos into two, three, four, or nine tiles and print to create fun collages. 

Name Card: 
Use one of the many Polaroid ZIP card templates to create a professional name card. Print your calling card instantly and always be recognized.

For everything, the app can do you might want to download the Polaroid Zip App User Guide from the internet by CLICKING HERE. You can also see all of the features being used in my Full Review and Tips Of The Polaroid Zip

This brings me to my last two thoughts on the Polaroid Zip. How did the photos turn out? Should you buy the Polaroid Zip ?

Prints are small and do cost about .25-.50 cents each. The print quality is OK for all things considered, but don't expect inkjet or dye-sub printer quality. These are better than what the FujiFilm Instax 8 produces, which reminds me of the old-time instant photos used to be. The built-in rechargeable battery lasts for just 25 prints. 

The bottom line is the Polaroid Zip is an inexpensive pocketable wireless photo printer that turns your smartphone pictures into a full-color 2X3 inch print. Simple to set-up and use, it does not require multiple ink tank purchases so you just have to buy the Polaroid Zink Paper. At the end of the day it is simple and fun to use at parties and it is a great little accessory for freeing your photos from your smartphone. It in my opinion is a SMART BUY! 

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