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As a blogger I am always finding ways to take the perfect photo. In today's technology world, I find most people are using their phones as thier main camera. This is due to the fact that our phones offer us HIGH quality photos that we can share instantly. However, the problem I have ran into is trying to take photos without shadows. Well look no further than this amazing tool, the Go Photo Joy Photo Shoot!

About a year ago I did a review on the Shotbox, which has helped bring the light into my photos, however I still have shadows at times. Well, my good friend Lorrie Nunemaker of Lorries Story was able to team up with Creative Plastics Plus to create the Go Photo Joy Photo Shoot! This allows you to take a photo of your item at a 45 degree angle and avoid shadows! I contacted Creative Plastics Plus to see if I could get my hands on one of these so I could post a review!
Even though I was given this product in exchange for my review, all opinions are my own and this has not determined the outcome of the review.

Let's take a peek at the video review so you can see it in action!

The Go Photo Joy Photo Shoot is perfect for bloggers, Etsy owners, eBay sellers, Instagram accounts, and photo enthusiasts. You can use if for cards, scrapbook layouts, and even items with a high gloss finish. Here are two photos that I have taken to compare the two. BOTH of these photos are UNEDITED and taken on my iPhone 6+.

Above is the photo was taken flat on my workspace counter. As you can see the shadow from my phone is hovering over the image and the only way to avoid it is to slant the phone and compromise the photos x/y origins. This makes it harder to edit and crop in programs as the upper part of the card is usually wider than the bottom portion. 

Here is the same card, this time using the Go Photo Joy Photo Shoot. By lifting the card at a 45-degree angle we avoid having to place our iPhone 6 directly over the card. Now we are shooting also at a 45-degree angle and thus avoiding shadows!!!

So, many of you know that earlier I reviewed the Shotbox, and the great news is these two products work amazingly well together. Since the Go Photo Joy Photo Shoot is a 12X12 base, it easily fits into the Shotbox. With both of these tools you will have not only NO SHADOWS, but amazing lighting! If you missed out on this review check it out here:

Now, Creative Plastics Plus offers tons of other different products to help display your creations in a beautiful way. Check out all of their products by CLICKING HERE.

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