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Well, as many of you are aware, I was invited to the Cricut Make-A-Thon that took place July 31st, 2017 - August 2n, 2017. As the days leading up to the event, I could hardly contain my anticipation on what could possibly warrant an event at this scale. Well, let's just say none of us were disappointed! So in today's post, I want to cover all of the BIG announcements, new products, and other amazing information!

So let's dive right into what you are looking for, the NEW PRODUCTS!!! Well, on Tuesday morning Ashish Arora took the stage to kick off the event. Now, I cannot tell you the amount of excitement and energy in the room at this time. The best way for you to experience the announcement would be to watch this:

So there you have it! Cricut has been working on three new amazing products that I personally think will take the arts/crafts/hobbies spectrum by storm! These three items are the BrightPadEasy Press and the Cricut Maker. Now that we know what the new items are, let's take a close look at each one and what innovations they promise to bring to our crafting spaces! Let's First dive into the BrightPad

To be honest the BrightPad had already been released prior to this event and has been a MASSIVE hit. In fact, I have two separate blog post and YouTube Videos where I go into great detail on this amazing device! For my first impressions of the BrightPad make sure to check out my BrightPad First Look blog post. This post also contains my YouTube First Look Video which can be seen here:

Because I have already covered the BrightPad in GREAT detail in these Blog Post and YouTube Video, I will not go into much more detail on it here. However, I will say these are selling out every time they come into stock! Make sure to get the BrightPad next time you see it in stock!

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I will be honest, the majority of people attending the Cricut Make-A-Thon were anticipating a New Machine. However, we were not expecting a new way to use our Heat Transfer Vinyl. Say hello to the Easy Press.

I was amazed at the reaction the Easy Press received as soon as it was announced. Everyone was really excited to get their hands onto the Easy Press so they could see if this item truly worked. Take a peek at this video to see how people used the Easy Press.

Now, I already know many of you are wanting a comparison video on how the Easy Press stacks up against a traditional iron and a Heat Press. So of course as soon as I get my hands on the Easy Press, I will be delivering both of these videos. Now, for me, the intriguing part of the Easy Press was the heat distribution. Take a look at this photo to see the difference between a traditional iron and the Easy Press.

For me, this was a HUGE talking point as you can see the Easy Press delivers a consistent temperature across the 9X9 plate. I will say, I was skeptical at first due to my pre-conceived of using pressure with a Heat Press. With the Easy Press, the pressure comes from the user versus the machine itself. In the video above you saw me and other bloggers using the Easy Press making totes. My first impressions of the Easy Press were favorable. I felt that the Easy Press was not only easy to use, but took all of the guess work out of my project.
The Easy Press was designed around simplicity. Iron-on success in 60 seconds or less. Get simple, professional iron-on results that last and last and last. With the 9X9 surface, simple controls and thoughtful safety features, Cricut Easy Press will make you wonder how you ever used an old iron. Unlike an iron, you will receive pro-level performance, home friendly design. The giant, ceramic-coated 9"X9" heat delivers the EXACT temperature you need, which gives you the speed that you would normally see in a Heat Press.  The Easy Press features a big handle, safety base and auto shut off keeping things safe every step of the way. 
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Of course the BIG news of the day was the announcement of the Cricut Maker. A home based cutting machine, that I think will be a powerful tool in ANY household.  Instead of explaining what this amazing machine can do, let's take a peek at a few videos. The first explains the design of the new machine:

Now, I know many of you are already thinking this looks pretty much the same machine as the Cricut Explore Family. Well, the design of the machine was just the first step in revealing the new Cricut Maker. Not only is it BEAUTIFUL, just look what it can do:

The Cricut Maker truly is the ULTIMATE smart cutting machine. It brings you more tools, more materials, and more possibilities. The Cricut Maker was designed with 4 kg of force, compared to 350 kg on the Cricut Explore Family. With this force, Cricut is able to have an expandable suite of tools including the Rotary Blade and Knife Blade.

Cricut Maker gives you the freedom to virtually make any DIY project. The Cricut Maker cuts hundreds of materials, from the most delicate fabric and paper to mat board and leather. Its professional level cutting performance will now be available to the average consumer looking for a more advanced machine.  Here are just SOME of the claims of the machine:

•Cuts hundreds of materials, from the most delicate fabric and paper to mat board and leather
•Expandable suite of tools
•Rotary Blade, with its gliding, rolling action, cuts through virtually any fabric
•Knife Blade that works like an X-ACTO® knife to slice through heavier materials up to 2.4 mm 
•Sewing pattern library with hundreds of patterns available to choose from
•Washable fabric pen to eliminate guesswork and know precisely how pattern pieces fit together
•Simple design apps and the ability to use your own designs
•Cuts everything the Explore Family of Machines can cut and more! 
•Applies up to 4 kg of force

The Cricut Maker is a seamstress dream machine! Select a design from 100's of Simplicity patterns, let the machine do the cutting with the Rotary Blade and the marking with the Washable Pen. Sew your project together and you are done. 

Plus, with its revolutionary toolset, the Cricut Maker cuts, writes and scores more materials - with greater precision and control - than ever before. Plus, we have heard that Cricut is planning up to 40 more tools to work with this machines 4,000 kg force. With this force and the new expandable tools, the Cricut Maker will allow you to cut things you never dreamed of. Cricut Maker quickly and accurately cuts hundreds of materials, from the most delicate fabric and paper to the tough stuff like mat board, leather, and even balsa wood. How does it achieve this? Well, to start off the Cricut Makerthought of everything! From the tools, the force and even the small details that add up to BIG difference! 

WOW!!! That was a lot to cover, and I still wanted to share one more thing with you! With the release of the BrightPadEasy Press and the Cricut Maker, Cricut also has announced some amazing new tools, products, and materials to help inspire our creativity! Look at the shopping list down below for all of the new items coming soon!!

Well, I do not know about you, but I cannot wait to get my hands on this machine. Remember to LIKE and SHARE this post on your favorite social media platform! 

All of the items we talked about in this post are right here. 

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