Well it saddens me to say that you will have to wait to see my blog hop creation. Last night at 1:34 PM, my partner Sean was helping a friend unload a tool chest out of the car. While his friend moved the chest he slipped on some ice which then left all the weight of the tool chest on my partner. By doing this, his body and neck took all the weight in one second. Instantly Sean felt "electricity" going down his arm and his neck felt on "fire". He said the pain level was a 10!! He never complains about pain, so I knew something must be up. We got in the car and I instantly drove him to the ER. They had to do a MRI of his neck and that is when we got the bad news. By taking all the weight of the tool chest, Sean disc in his weight compressed together. This caused his C5-C6 disc to rupture and this create a bone spur in his nerves. So the Dr. said he needed surgery right away to fix this to avoid nerve damage. He went into surgery at 3PM. During the surgery his blood pressure went up to 185/130. They were able to get this under control, but once again in recovery his blood pressure spiked. The pain level after surgery was also a concern. Since the bone spur went into his nerves, the swelling from removing it was now causing problems. He was in recovery for 6 hours and at 9:30 last night I finally got to see him again. Well through all of this i forgot 100% about posting my photos for the blog hop. So here I sit on my IPAD in a hospital room letting you know my story. I will post my blog hop photos when i get back home tonight. This was a very important blog hop, since i created something new that is NOT a card. So please please please come back in a day or so to see it. Thanks everyone.......and Remember....I love all of you!!!

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