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In the past year, I have seen a lot of interest in the craft industry in LED Light Pads. This technology has been around for some time, but it is making its way into the crafting world. While I was at the 2017 Creativation, I feel in love with the Cutterpillar Glow. Now Cricut has released their own version this called the BrightPad. So what are my thoughts on this new technology? How does it work? Do I recommend it? All of this in today's blog post! 

When Cricut announced they were developing a BrightPad I was very intrigued. Cricut officially released the BrightPad and Weeding Tool Set at the same time as a solution for the Vinyl and Iron-On customers who have a tough time weeding. Let me just say that the Weeding Tool Set was an instant hit, however, people shied away from the BrightPad. This was due to many reasons, but the cost was the reason I kept noticing on social media. Due to this, I could not wait to get my hands on one and offer a LIVE unboxing and first-time use! Join us in this video as we take a peek at this. Keep in mind we recorded this LIVE, thus it is a little bit longer and unedited. We tried to answer questions as they were brought up in the video. Check out some points after the video and the shopping list down below!

Now you can hear in my reaction in the video I was impressed with this device! As with the latest releases, it appears that Cricut has put their time and research in on the BrightPad. This shows with not only the packaging but also the actual device!

Now in the video, I demonstrated how the BrightPad can be used with VinylIron-On100LB Bristol Paper and even 140LB Watercolor Paper. In fact, this was one of the reasons I feel in love with the BrightPad. Not only could I use it for Weeding. I could also see me using this for stamping, coloring, tracing and paper piecing! And with the BRIGHT 5 light settings, it was able to see through all of these materials! One of my favorite things that I use this for is with grids! I found an amazing blog that features FREE grids to use with any LED Light Pads. This way you are able to line items up and stamp perfectly make sure to check out this blog to get your FREE grid downloads!

Gentleman Crafter (Creator Of Grids)
Part One:
Part Two:

Here are some of the main points I liked:

PROS of the BrightPad

Bright uniform LED Light
5 Brightness Settings (400, 1300, 2200, 3100, and 4000 Lumens)
Lightweight. It feels one pound or less
Scratch Resistance.
6H Hardness level (What Is Hardness Level? Click Here)
Non-Slip Base
6 Foot Cord

CONS of the BrightPad
9X11 Inch Light Area (Actually could be a PRO for some people)
Cost (79.99)

I wanted to address a few of these. The size of the BrightPad will be a personal preference. For me, it is a perfect size and actually larger than most in the industry. But for some, they want a bigger option that is offered with the Cutterpillar Glow. The cord is 6 feet but is not rechargeable. This is not a huge issue for me since I can use an External Battery, like the one I showed in the video. Now the biggest complaint I have heard is the cost. Many people argue you can get a cheaper version on Amazon like the ones seen HERE. My only concern is the companies and how much time and research went into their product. I can tell you just by using my BrightPad a few days it is built sturdy. Plus many of the LED Light Pads do not have the 6H Hardness level or the customer service that comes with Cricut!

Now as with all of the new fun toys Cricut is releasing, you can see the  BrightPad can be bought in colors to match your other crafting tools. Here is where to buy these:


Now at this moment, these are in HOT demand, so make sure to keep checking the links above for your favorite BrightPad! Once it is available again, I would not wait to get yours! Well, I hope you enjoyed today's post! If you still have some more questions or would like to research the BrightPad check out this helpful links:

What Is The BrightPad?
BrightPad Tips & Tricks
BrightPad Care & Troubleshooting
BrightPad Handbook & Warranty

I am currently lucky enough to give one of these away to one lucky person. Make sure you enter below:
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