Chalk Couture is a versatile home decor product that produces amazing results! Create your own masterpiece, no matter what your crafting ability may be. Beautify your home and spice up your decorations! Have you ever went to Starbucks and wonder how they make their chalkboards look so amazing and professional.

 Chalk Couture is a system of products that allow you to decorate professional home decor pieces that will WOW your friends, families, and co-workers! How does it work? Well, this product truly does need to be seen to get that WOW factor!

It truly is that simple! This is a product I have never seen before, and ANYONE can do this. I know some people think you will need to be a craft master, which is just not the case! If you want to take a peek at all the awesome product you can buy look no further! In fact, let's take a closer look at what makes our products so amazing and how you can become a designer yourself! First, let's take a look at the Products that we offer! Our Products are the BEST in the DIY market! Here is a FAQ on our Products that will help answer most questions! CLICK HERE FOR FAQ ON PRODUCTS.

The product that LAUNCHED Chalk Couture into the spotlight is for sure our Chalkology Paste!

Chalk Couture constantly releasing new Chalkology Paste to stay ahead of the trend to ensure your projects are on trend with the DIY industry! For the most up to date Chalkology Paste, check out my store by Clicking Here

Chalk Couture offers more than 30 colors in our Chalkology Paste. We are crazy for color and we have added the freshest on-trend colors of the season to our palette. Make sure to check out our EnVouge Chalkology Paste which is here today, but gone tomorrow! 


WOW!!! That was a lot of information I hope that you were able to get all of your questions answered. If not, feel free to reach out to me or check out my YouTube Channel for Chalk Couture Information,  Product InformationChalk Couture TechniquesTips and of course all of our Chalk Couture Video Tutorial Projects

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